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  1. Culpepper all but gone

    Sorry for the confusion there. Thinking faster than I type. Just read that C-Pep is refusing to restructure his contract and wants to be released. I really see him going Rams - Linehan made him a star and C-Pep thinks he's still got the goods. We shall see if this is really true when Bulger goes down and going Rams would also give C-Pep more rehab time.
  2. Culpepper all but gone

    Just read this as well, perhpas it's posted elsewhere. NFL Network's Adam Schefter reports the Rams would be interested in Daunte Culpepper if he's released. They will not make a trade offer. Jacksonville and Baltimore are also mentioned as potential suitors, and the Jags reportedly held meeting Thursday to discuss bringing Culpepper aboard. ESPN's John Clayton believes the Ravens would be an ideal fit. Jun. 7 - 7:08 pm et I'm on board with Clayton here. With Bulger's past injury issues, I could see where being reunited with Linehan with a pretty good shot at getting some PT this year would be the ideal fit for Culpepper. I can only see touble in JAX if C-Pep ends upo challenging Leftwich for a job.
  3. Chester Taylor

    Lot of confidence here in a guy who hasn't played a snap of pro football and has an injury history that dates back to last year. I would put my money on Peterson playing well in his first year and breaking out in the second. What is Tayor getting paid? Taylor as the most expensive NFL backup?
  4. Randy Moss going to workouts

    I think the dude will keep his mouth shut and attempt to show all that talk in Oakland was for real. There will be some hiccups, no doubt. He is an NFL star and, like TO, will say just about anything to keep his payroll high and picture in the paper. All that being said, if Brady/Bellicheck.etc. can make Reche Caldwell look like a #1 receiver then Moss will be just fine as long as he doesn't step on too many toes. Fantasy stud, you ask? No, not until we see how exactly the WR clusterf*ck plays out in NE. But if you're picking at the back end of a draft (1.12) and go RB/RB with 1.12 and 2.1 then I'd have no hesitation pairing him with another tier 2 WR for a solid core of guys. Moss will get some looks next year, just to see how good he still is if nothing else.
  5. KIRKLAND, Wash. -- Shaun Alexander might still have a broken foot, something he doesn't want confirmed just yet. Alexander The Seattle Seahawks' star running back said Monday his left foot, broken for the final four months of last season, may still be cracked as he begins the 2007 preseason. The 2005 NFL MVP doesn't want to know for sure until after his team's veteran minicamp ends Thursday. "I don't even want to get another X-ray until after this camp," a smiling Alexander said after his fourth consecutive day of occasionally carrying the ball during no-contact, no-pads drills. "If the X-ray shows it's still cracked, it's like, 'OK. What does that mean?'" Last winter, it meant team doctors finally clearing him to play because they deemed remote the risk of completely breaking through a crack in the fourth metatarsal. He sat out seven weeks because of an injury that began as a severe bruise sustained when a Detroit Lions tackler fell on it during the season opener. In his second game back, Alexander plowed through the snow for 201 yards on a Seattle-record 40 carries against Green Bay. He averaged 112 yards per game over the final six weeks of the regular season, and finished the year with 896 yards rushing and seven touchdowns in 10 games. Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press
  6. Which NE player benefits most from Moss...

    .5 points for Miss Cleo.
  7. Plus, due to Quinn being picked at #22 the Browns get a great prospect/face of the franchise/etc for much, much less than they'd have to pay their guy in the 1-5 slots next year. Cap-wise it also makes a lot of sense for building a franchise and I hope they'll start to have some good luck with injuries this year. Hey, does anyone have any word on LeCharles Bentley? If he comes back that o-line is looking solid, not that Jamal could do anything with it.
  8. Which NE player benefits most from Moss...

    I'm going to go out on a limb here... Brady.
  9. Chester Taylor owners

    I'll be curious to see about these rumors about Petersen re-injuring his collarbone late in the year and potentially missing all Spring practices. I think if Petersen makes an impact it's late next season after the Vikes have thrown in the towel (see the Jackson experiment) and Taylor's wheels fall off.
  10. virginia tech shooting

    Tboogs posted this info earlier - a VT Student with an arsenal. But the names (based on the press conference) do not seem to match up. We shall see. In reference to an earlier comment on how the police "look" - The police force in Blacksburg, Virginia may look like a bunch of boobs but I do feel like they're doing the best they can. Sorry that they don't look like Keifer Sutherland and Hasselhoff. I cannot tell you how much I was incensed watching the coverage with Paula Zahn last night. She was looking to blame the school and school officials. Really? The shots may have been fired but by the time students could have been notified who knows where they were? What do you want? Loudspeakers? Having the cpability to jam phone lines and text message every cell phone? Install these sysytems across the country and then suddenly people feel like their freedom is being impinged upon and their basic civil liberties violated. I think the real story here is how a resident alien, in his early 20s, is able to get enough guns and ammo to kill 33 people. When looking for someone to blame, I think we have to seriously consider ourselves the gun situation in this country.
  11. virginia tech shooting

    Wow, Tboogs. I understand how one could own a firearm for recreational, legal hunting. But an arsenal? Really? I just cannot believe that a human being can have access to this sort of weapionry and even a military firing range (see the Quantico pictures) with what looks a beast of a weapon - Really? Do we really need automatic machine guns available for consumer use? I cannot see any kind of animal, even a deer or moose, being even remotely identifiable after taking a spray from the automatic weapon in these pictures. Unbelievable.
  12. virginia tech shooting

    My girlfriend's colleague had a nephew who's life was taken today. I never post in this forum but I just think it's incredible sad that they're kids. Just kids. I can't even believe it. I'm speechless.
  13. It's april(almost)

    I don't think anyone here is saying "it's not his fault." I can only really speak for myself in saying that I think it is his fault and we all agree that he seems to be taking some steps to takesome adult responsibility. I can only hope he turn out like your "neurologist friend." But if I ever need some brain work done I will PM you so I can stay away from that hospital.
  14. It's april(almost)

    My God, the guy has tried. He smoked some grass. Took the time off necessary and instead of dropping the football and becoming a yoga teacher he is coming back to the game. That takes a man with real integrity and heart, imho, to admit mistakes, accept the consequences, and then re-enter the game with full knowledge that he will probably be tested 3 times a week for the rest of his life. And by the way, Swerski, Paxil and other psychotopic drugs are not necessarily a final solution for chemical imbalances, especially for anxiety which can be regaulated but not elimated with drugs. And you should at least see Ricky's lifestyle choices and know he's not putting a lot of 'roids or amphetamines in his system to "get it up" every weekend. I applaud the guy. Putting down the pipe and stepping into the unkown is HUGH for Ricky. I wish him the best.
  15. It's april(almost)

    What a small-minded, idiot comment. Unbelievable, really. The guy smokes a little ganga (maybe a lot) and took his lumps for it. He plays a year in the CFL, mans up with the wife and kids, stays in shape, and reapplies for the league. Maybe he cares about the money but I just wanted to let you in on a little secret - Ricky and most other professional football players are NOT ONLY playing for the love of the game. AS a UT fan and watching him grow to be a beast at the pro level, I would love to see Ricky back. I can only hope Ricky has gotten his problems straightened out. I think he could be a great #2 back for any team in the league. Face it, Ronne Brown didn't do so hot last year without him. He could be a great tutor for Benson in CHI. Cowboys should trade JJ and sign Ricky as a #2 behind Barber. Great bruiser behind LJ. The possibilities are limitless for Ricky, imho.
  16. Baseball NEWBIE Help

    I just got suckered in to joining a FB league with some members of my FF league. They are HUGH baseball fans and I could honestly care less except, once again, I have my pride on the line. The Huddle is my Bible for all things FF. Can anyone direct me toward a site and/or forum that might be a nice place to learn about the game? It's a 14 team, rotisserie league. Thanks in advance.
  17. Kitna, Williams want No. 2 pick to be ... WR Johnson

    Exactly. I also have a hard time beliveing that all of their OL is completely inadequate. New scheme? Perhaps. Unprofessional professional football players? Errr... It may take trading down to address a new scheme with left-overs, imho. I could see the trade down. Though CJ would make this offense sick for years to come. They would not have to pay him HUGH bucks for a couple of years while they attract a few FA OL, sign a nice one next year (they will be at least mediocre again), and then mine the talent they have. I still like CJ here.
  18. Kitna, Williams want No. 2 pick to be ... WR Johnson

    Has Det made any kind of OL changes this offseason? Can't remember. Who did they trade Bly for?
  19. Dementia and the NFL vet

    It's nice to be reminded that this is a people problem. We need to take care of our people.
  20. Dementia and the NFL vet

    Come on... Guys get paid to knock each other around at the peak of their physical lives. They pay the price for it. It doesn't seem like rocket science to me considering the only thing preventing them from injury is a little plastic and foam. What I do think is atrocious is how the NFL banks of of these guys and forgets them when they're in serious trouble later in life. 50 to 88,000 a year is what life costs these days? Is that what spending time with your grandchildren and being able to take a piss by yourself amount to? I can only hope the NFL will step up to address this growing problem.
  21. Jerramy Stevens

    I also had one for a while this season (Nov.-Dec.?) but without the motion it just didn't do the trick. This one seemed a little more intimidating. Then again...
  22. Jerramy Stevens

    His Josh Gordon was rolled up in a napkin and stuffed in his back pocket. I can already hear the - "Someone else put that there" coming. What a Megan Fox. Never liked this guy.
  23. Emmitt to Join Parcells on ESPN

    I love me some '90s 'Boys. Oh wait...that came out all wrong.
  24. LB Briggs ready to sit out season

    Yeah, I just think it's rare when this kind of an incident occurs for someone to leap out and pay a guy what he wants who obviously just wants to get paid. I think him bringing up the Urlacher thing is just to make him look like he's not a money grubber and is really a "character guy" who can change the face of a franchise with his good intentions. Maybe SF would be a good fit with Clements already in the bag for $30 mil. I also thought Adaelius Thomas would surely end up there. 2nd rounder + ? for Briggs?
  25. New Charger Uniforms

    Weak tweak. More contour in the Bolt? Next... Powder blue permanately? They must think it's not masculine enough for a football team. F-that. See the Tar Heels. Other powder blue teams, anyone?