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  1. a "stray" Dawg

    One word of advice for you- Try and get on Grits good side
  2. You have to go Benson if Jones does not start. Dayne's team should be throwing all day long because they will be behind all day long. Hard to start Taylor because Favre's last home game and should light it up meaning the vikes will throw all day.
  3. Super Bowl Help Needed!

    Colston - He's been solid this year. He's got a great QB.
  4. WDIS @ QB

    WDIS @ QB for my superbowl: Bulger against Wash or Romo against Philly?
  5. WDIS

    I need to start 3 of the four back: Tomlinson, Turner (in case they take out Tomlinson), Rhodes, Benson. Standard performance scoring. I know that Turner is a reach but I would be guaranteed points from SD. On the other hand, it sound like Benson might start and Rhodes could see plenty of playing time. What should I do?
  6. Are bruised ribs a serios injury? Or can a player just take a bunch of pain medication and be good to go. I would be refering to Chestor Taylor this week. Some say one hit and he is out?
  7. taylor or dillon

  8. taylor or dillon

    my defense played thursday nite and go me zero points, I may need to have a big game out of one of these guys. who has the potential of a big game? We get bonus points for over 100 yards
  9. taylor or dillon

    any one else?????????????
  10. taylor or dillon

    Chestor playe for vikes
  11. taylor or dillon

    chester taylor or dillon this week. both have good matchups. taylor has bruised ribs but is expected to play. Huddle says one hit from being pulled from game. what should i do???
  12. WDIS- pick 3

    would you sit Taylor for fear of being taken out of game because of injury??
  13. Colston or Henderson?

    Colston--- see my post please
  14. QB Quandary Of Massive Proportions

    Manning all the way-- he will be huge this week- see my post please
  15. Romo Garcia or Sexy Rexy?

    I would go tony Romo he is due for a big game- see my post