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  1. WDIS QB

    First - Performance League 1/10 rush 1/10 rec 1/20 passing etc... Who do you think has the better match up this week Bledsoe or Brooks? Yes these are my only two choices at QB.

    First - Performance League 1/10 rush 1/10 rec etc... Except TE start recieving bonuses at 3 catches I can play 2 WR/TE and I have WR Jimmy Smith WR Deon Branch WR Rod Smith WR Keenan McCardell TE Alge Trumpler Pick two and tell me why?
  3. am i out of my mind for

    Say No Willie parker is on fire and most likely will stay that way for the next couple of weeks after that its anyones guess and you could end up with a RBBC situation. DMac is the clear starter in his team not question.
  4. WDIS? WR help

    I agree bruce has the most potential for points
  5. Start Which WR?

    Well you never know with Byron leftty whats going to haapen. Its not exactly a pass offense.
  6. Start Which WR?

    I am in a performance league I have solid RB's A no win situation at QB but the real question is who do i start at WR I can start two. WR Jimmy Smith WR Deon Branch WR Rod Smith WR Keenan McCardell All of these guys are ranked right around the same at the huddle and this early into the season none have emerged as clear startes maybe Jimmy but who else please help.
  7. Trade

    Ok sorry I'm new First off i'm playing in a Performance League Second My Starting linup currently is QB Drew Bledsoe RB LT RB Rudi J WR Jimmy Smith WR Deon Branch Float/TE Brian WestBrook K Rian Lindell Def Indy Bench QB Arron Brooks RB Chirs Perry WR Keenan McCardell WR Rod Smith Def NWE I hope this helps desribe my situation.
  8. Trade

    I have Westbrook and someone offered me Domanick Davis for him. should I go for the trade?
  9. Well that's a tough one...I'm not much of a fan of Mike Anderson he has only really had one big year in the last four and he has always been a disappointment. I like Ronnie but I would hesitate if they are not going to use him 100%. I would go with Mike in week 1 only because you know he will see the ball at least 20 - 25 times and that should produce more points.
  10. TE v. WR

    I have Alge Crumpler as my TE in my league I have the option to not start a TE and use an extra WR if I want. Right now I have Rod Smith and Deon Branch on the bench should I start one of those guys over my TE?
  11. I currently have both New England and Indy Def/ST, who should I should start in the first week?