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  1. Buccaneers vs Packers (NFC Championship)

    It was but there were 4 obvious holds against TB where the refs didn't call it.....two of them on 3rd down which gives the Packers automatic 1st downs. 1 of them happened on an interception too
  2. Bill vs Chiefs (AFC Championship)

    You mean TJ Yeldon isn't the guy? Josh Allen is their best rb
  3. Buccaneers vs Packers (NFC Championship)

    I forgot the superbowl is in it all makes sense.
  4. Buccaneers vs Packers (NFC Championship)

    The NFL and their refs are a joke. Swallow your whistles all game and then call that penalty at that point of the game.......horsetaco
  5. Buccaneers vs Packers (NFC Championship)

    They are but the bigger non calls have favored the Bucs defense on Packers 3rd downs
  6. Buccaneers vs Packers (NFC Championship)

    Bunting mugged Lazard on that play
  7. Buccaneers vs Packers (NFC Championship)

    What a catch by Tyler Johnson
  8. Bill vs Chiefs (AFC Championship)

    Will Mahomes turf toe slow him down?
  9. Championship Sunday

    Josh Allen
  10. Buccaneers vs Packers (NFC Championship)

    Great opening drive for TB. Awful 3rd down defense for GB
  11. Divisional Round games chat

    Brady didn't exactly light the world on fire. If anything he showed how he was won a majority of playoff games throughout his career......with a great defense, solid kicking and serviceable numbers from him. No.......I'm not bitter he won......not even a little.
  12. Divisional Round games chat

    Brees may reconsider his retirement after this game.
  13. Divisional Round games chat

    Game over
  14. Divisional Round games chat

    Looks like I'm a green Bay fan for next week
  15. Divisional Round games chat

    Bad turnovers leading to 14 points. I dont see them winning. I hope I'm wrong