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  1. Swap out Cole for Shenault?

    Stay put
  2. Hill or Tannehill?

  3. Drop 2: Mattison, Ahmed, Booker?

    Mattison and Booker
  4. Edmonds or Monty? PPR

  5. Drop 2 Players

    Brown and raegor
  6. Hill or Hyde?

    Hill is likely a 1 week starter, dont drop hyde
  7. Butker or Bass this week and week 15

    If you get points for longer FGs keep bass for his game at Denver and hope its not snowing
  8. Which WR to start? Half PPR

  9. Dropping like flies...Hill, Harris, Gio?

    Gio if he plays, then Harris
  10. Deebo or Pittman?

    Pittman this week
  11. New Trade Advice

    You screwed the pooch
  12. AJ Brown or J Jefferson

    Brown if he starts
  13. Which Defense?