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  1. Davante Adams to the Raiders

    5 years 141.25 million deal signed by Adams
  2. Davante Adams to the Raiders

    That division is going to be fun
  3. He was betting on NFL games in 2021 according to B/R
  4. Bengals vs Rams (Superbowl)

    I didnt think it was defensive holding on 3rd down but the other two were penalties
  5. Bengals vs Rams (Superbowl)

    I think he would have been short on the 1st down but a huge drop nonetheless
  6. Bengals vs Rams (Superbowl)

    Congrats to Goodell and the refs for handing this game to rams. I'm not usually a "the NFL is fixed" kind of guy but this game sure has that feel after the phantom 3rd down holding call that changed everything
  7. Bengals vs Rams (Superbowl)

    It's like the NFL wants the rams to win in their hoke stadium to try and build the NFL market in LA
  8. Bengals vs Rams (Superbowl)

    And 95% of them are inconsistent
  9. Bengals vs Rams (Superbowl)

    They sure know how to ruin a game
  10. Bengals vs Rams (Superbowl)

    And there it is, the refs making their presence felt and make an awful call
  11. Bengals vs Rams (Superbowl)

    I'm wondering why they weren't force feeding kupp the whole time
  12. Bengals vs Rams (Superbowl)

    Glad to see them not taking over the game but with all the crap they've let go they could have let that little slap to the face mask go too
  13. Niners vs Rams (Championship)

    That too. I guess he said something because I didn't see anything else there.
  14. Niners vs Rams (Championship)

    Mitchell's rushing hurt me but Kupp to score multiple tds was a big winner for me. My daily fantasy lineups did really well in the early game and I won a small amount from the late game
  15. Niners vs Rams (Championship)

    Wasn't just the last drive. I believe he finished the game 0 for his last 7
  16. Niners vs Rams (Championship)

    Yup. And the flag they picked up on when deebo was a defenseless receiver, and the flag they didn't throw when deebo dropped the ball and got hit 3 seconds later. But I'm just a frustrated fan right now.
  17. Niners vs Rams (Championship)

    This game can be blamed on Tartt dropping that interception. And the 3 personal fouls they chose not to call against the rams while calling everything against the 49ers. Two of those calls extend drives. I am a gigantic Joe Burrow fan for the next 2 weeks
  18. Niners vs Rams (Championship)

    Jimmy G disappears when needed most
  19. Niners vs Rams (Championship)

    Just leads to the inconsistency when it gets called on the drive before snd then missed on the next drive
  20. Niners vs Rams (Championship)

    Nah, the play clock was only on 0 for 2 seconds
  21. Niners vs Rams (Championship)

    Should the helmet to helmet block on the last punt have been flagged or is that allowed?
  22. Niners vs Rams (Championship)

    That will be the play that's costs them the game
  23. Niners vs Rams (Championship)

    The hit on OBJ needs to be flagged but so do both hits on Deebo
  24. Niners vs Rams (Championship)

    Terrible play call on 3rd down
  25. Niners vs Rams (Championship)

    Dude may not put up the stats, and I complain about him often, but he wins a lot of games