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  1. Championship Defense

    Going against most "experts", I like the eagles Dolphins are #2 for me
  2. 2QB League Help

    Taysum and Javonte And Everett
  3. Start Kamara?

    This and if you really don't want to start Kamara, I'd put Penny as your #4
  4. Need RB advice

  5. Need ‘ship WR advice

    Higgins and the Brown's
  6. Should I make any changes to starting lineup?

    Miami over indy On paper, I'd say you lose by 5 or less.
  7. Should I make any changes to starting lineup?

    Higgins over Mitchell in your flex
  8. WR2 Help

    Boyd or gage..... leaning Gage
  9. The ‘chip RB advice

    Cook Mixon Rojo Michel would be my 4th choice
  10. Help - Need to Sit Two!

    Harris and penny
  11. Hows my Flex look?

    Williams and the Bengals
  12. Need to sit 1 of 4 RB's.......Which one?

  13. One last Flex question

    Wilson and if they get the lead i hope they do, they'll run run run
  14. QB with Lamar looking like he wont play

    Huntley and Moore
  15. Are these week 17 Q/injured guys droppable now?

    Jackson for sure Mitchell probably out
  16. Pick my WR2 for the title

    Yeah, his last 4 or 5 weeks haven't been good. He is the biggest name no doubt.
  17. Pick my WR2 for the title

    Full ppr with 5 bonus points @ 100 yards receiving. Playing the team that dominated all season however in our league history I've never lost to him. It'd be a bad time to break that trend. Wr2 has been bad for me since I lost Robert Woods My Wrs are: Diggs vs Atlanta Van Jefferson @ Baltimore Davonte Parker @ Tenn Joshua Palmer vs Den Options to pick up: Elijah Moore vs TB Mclaurin vs Philly Boyd vs KC Lazard or MVS vs Minn
  18. Thanks Irish! Happy New Year! Mclaurin has just been awful thr last few weeks and Philly has been good against wrs
  19. Te help

    Neither is a bad choice. Leaning dert
  20. Really need rb advice

    4th time I'm seeing this post
  21. RB for championship game

  22. WDIS

    Cook or Mattison Michel Kupp Higgins Brown
  23. Justin Herbert or Jalen Hurts

    Id play Herbert as of now
  24. Really need rb advice

    Version 3 of this post