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  1. Really need rb advice

    Dupe post
  2. Really need rb advice

    Only 2 rbs? You can't play 3? Id play Jones and mixon if you can only play 2
  3. 3 Wr's

    Diggs Higgins Cooks
  4. Help win championship

    Jacobs in flex Goodbye to McCloud. I think Rodgers stays in GB
  5. Pick my WR2 for the title

    I should have specified, Diggs is my wr1 Looking at everyone else for my wr2 Also updated it because I picked up Joshua Palmer earlier
  6. 1 flex spot open advice

    You have a lot of good choices there. As of now, I like michel or Penny. That could change by Friday or Saturday
  7. Hey buddy, Stressing over my big money title this week. Wr2 has been Achilles since Woods went down but I've managed to survive. Full ppr with 5 bonus points @ 100 yards receiving. Playing the team that dominated all season however in our league history I've never lost to him. It'd be a bad time to break that trend. My Wrs are: Diggs vs Atlanta - wr 1, he is starting Van Jefferson @ Baltimore Davonte Parker @ Tenn 0almer vs Den Options to pick up: Elijah Moore vs TB Mclaurin vs Philly Boyd vs KC Lazard or MVS vs Minn Who is my wr2?
  8. Thanks for the help

    Congrats! Go take home the ship....bragging rights over money!!
  9. Need 2 Flex for the chip.

    Penny and scott
  10. Help win championship

    Mixon Renfrow
  11. Flex Advice for Championship

  12. WR and RB help!

    Edmonds MVS as of now
  13. Finals lineup help!

    Not sure i trust a Jet for the championship. Right now i have MVS 4 spots above Moore
  14. best lineup?

    We should re-visit at the end of thr week but I might consider Penny over Singletary
  15. Which WR this week

    Irish has his own thread, its the biggest thread on this page. Over 400 pages. He gives advice to anyone who asks a question. 6 targets is great....but 1 catch for 6 yards got me 1.6 points. And I won by if I started Parker, I lose
  16. Which WR this week

    Full ppr, 5 point bonus @ 100 yards receiving Parker @ NO Or Van Jefferson @ Minn
  17. Sun God vs Gibson

  18. Flex For the Championship

    Jones or Penny (if no collins) are great options in flex Pitts
  19. Finals lineup help!

    Mckenzie and then MVS Edmonds if no conner
  20. The most brutal way to go out?

    Its a rough game. I ask myself why I suffer through this torture all the time. Its because I'm addicted
  21. Too many choices at WR and flex

    Need to wait and see if Mitchell plays. If Collins is inactive again, Penny might be the play
  22. best lineup?

    Thats the best lineup
  23. HELP!

    Mixon for sure, then Michel St brown and thielen or Osborn Mattison if no cook, otherwise williams
  24. Are these week 17 Q/injured guys droppable now?

    CEH - out Kelce- In Mitchell - In Rest are up in the air