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  1. WR choice HAS IT GOT THIS BAD?

    Galloway is the obvious choice here.
  2. Randy Moss or Kevin Curtis?

    If you have to start 1, I'd go with Moss.
  3. A little Rb Trade

    I wouldn't do it. You're not getting back a full time starter either way.
  4. WDIS - RB

    If receptions do not get you points in your league, do not play Westbrook.
  5. WR help

    I'd stay exactly where you arefor league 1. League 2 start Glenn over Curtis and use Brunell as your starting QB.
  6. Two Way Trade

    I'd do it. S Davis is only on his way down. By the end of the year he'll be a back up.
  7. Got offered M.Moore for TJ Housh

    I would do that trade. You have good receivers and if Caddy plays this week there is a chance he'll get hurt again. His type injury is suppossed to take 12 weeks to heel properly. I'd pull the trigger.
  8. Which QB to start this week

    I have Mark Brunell vs the Giants and Brett Favre vs the Bengals. Brunell is on fire but the Packers may pass the ball 50 times this week. We get 1 point for every 25 yards passing, 6 points per TD, 1 bonus point for a 300 yard passing game, 2 bonus points for a 400 yard passing game. Thanks, I will answer your post.
  9. Brunell or Favre -

    I posted the same question on this board right before you. Right now Favre leads 2 - 1. My biggest concern about Favre is he has no weapons right now. I think I'm going with Brunell vs a really crappy Giants secondary.
  10. Fisher or Parker ...

    Parker because he has more than 80 yards rushing this year.
  11. Curtis , Chambers , Hakim :

    Chambers is your best option. With Jamie Martin in at QB, the Rams will be running the ball allot.
  12. Which TWO TE's would you start?

    Wiggins and Cooley
  13. Is L. Coles worth keeping if I can get...

    Gabriel is only decent while Moss is not 100%.
  14. Would you trade?

    I'd pull the trigger. Cooley is a viable back up for week 9. Do you get a point per reception?
  15. M. Anderson or A. Smith

    Smith is probably your better option, albeit not by much.
  16. Trade Edge for Johnson and McGahee

    Drop the hammer on that trade. You're making out like a bandit.
  17. LT Trade

    I'd reject that trade in a heartbeat but if you can pull it off, go for it.
  18. KJ, LJ or Mi Clayton?

    I'd go with KJ
  19. Tiki for Chad Johnson

    Don't do the trade.
  20. WDIS

    I'd start Hasselback. The cowboys have given up allot of big plays this year.
  21. flex position

    I agree that Mason is your best bet.
  22. WDIS QB and RB ?

    I'd got with Brunell and Davis. The Bus will carry the load this week.
  23. Starting Brunell over Peyton

    Start Brunell, he should put up numbers this week.
  24. Crumpler or Troupe?