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  1. WDIS: Westbrook or Brown

    Westbrook, he is always involved in that offense.
  2. Tough WR decisions

    Hakim, Cutis and Coles. I hope you get points for return yardage.
  3. WDIS @ RB & WR

    Lewis and Bettis Glenn, Wayne, and Ferguson
  4. WSIS? Pick 1 of 5

    A smith
  5. Tough QB decisions

    In a league where I get .5 pts per completion and 6 pts per TD, 1 pt per ever 25 passing yards, who would you start this week: Brunell vs the 49ers Favre vs the Vikings
  6. Tough QB decisions

    The good news is that I also have Portis on this team. I'm still not sure what to do. Favre on turf is the only thing that scares me.
  7. WDIS? Pick a WR

    It comes down to Curtis vs Jones and I'd go with Curtis. Even with Jamie at QB.
  8. A Green or C Brown

    I'd start Brown only because of Green's uncertainty.
  9. A brooks or B Favre

    Tough call, I expect Favre to do well against a herrendous Minnessota D. I'd go with Favre.
  10. QB Issue...

    If you can get Brunell for this week, do it. He's playing SF. Also, he has another weak defense next week. Grab him before he goes and get rid of Delhomme.
  11. WR help

    Curtis vs NO
  12. WDIS

    Go with the hot hand, I'd start Bell. He's going to get more and more carries each week.
  13. RB choice

    I think so, Lewis is sharing allot of carries with Chester Taylor

    Your team looks fine the way it is but I can understand you wanting LT. I would not trade both Boldin and Smith for LT, you don't have enough depth at WR. I would try to trade Bell or Davis along with Smith or Boldin.
  15. Who should I start?

    A Smith, Fergusson and McCardell
  16. Another Bulger Replacement Question

    I like Holcomb at Oakland. He has a balanced offense and Moulds and Evans have been viable receivers since he took over as QB.
  17. Culpepper or Josh McCown?

    I'd start Culpepper, you don't know if McCown is going to play.
  18. Need quick advice...Shold I drop Green

    I would stick with Green. You do not know if McCown is going to play and he's not a better QB than Green.
  19. Do I do this trade

    How many RB's do you start?
  20. Man I'm having a tough time setting my lineup

    I would start Brunell, Az Hakim, Wayne and Fergusson
  21. 1 point per 25 yards passing, 1 bonus point for 300 yards passing, 3 bonus points for 400 yards passing and 6 points per passing td or rushing td Trent Green vs Washington D Mark Brunell vs Kansas City D Who would you start?
  22. Barber or D.Davis?

    If it's a normal league I'd start Davis but if you get points per reception I'd start Tiki.
  23. QB Help

    Collins should have a big week, stick with him.
  24. TE's over Receivers in a non-TE league

    Cooley are Stevens are good pick ups right now. Cooley has been playing great since Brunell became the QB. I think he can help you.
  25. Bench Culpepper?

    I'd consider it, Bledsoe is facing a banged up secondary in NYG.