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  1. Pittsburgh or Tampa Bay?

    I'd go with Tampa. They are a more explosive defense in my opinion.
  2. Brooks is my QB & I have a chance to get Farve

    Keep your RB's and start Brunell this week. You don't need help at Qb. Check out Brunell's upcoming schedule, 2 of his next 3 games are against K.C. and San Fran. He should light them both up.
  3. WDIS advice: My team is banged up

    I'd go with Thompson, he should get the bulk of the carries this week.
  4. Trade Advice

    I would do that trade.
  5. WDIS at RB?

    Dillon, Jones and Bettis
  6. Trade Advice

    If I were him I wouldn't do the trade you offered him. Chambers isn't worth it. Since you only start two WR's and you need a RB, try and trade a better WR, Boldin, for a better RB, Taylor if he's plays this week or even Jone.
  7. do u think i could get moore

    It's a fair trade depending on your league. Do you get points for receptions?
  8. Would you trade

    I'd do that trade in a heartbeat.
  9. ASYS? Throw Da' Dice!?

    Who are the Texans playing?
  10. Who would you pick up at WR?

    Curtis with Bruce and Holt hurting.
  11. should I do?

    No chance. Don't give up the # 1 player in Fantasy Football.
  12. McCardell or S. Moss?

  13. Opinion on WR/TE

    You have 2 stud running backs, but I think you can use an upgrate at receiver.
  14. 1 point per 10 rushing yards and 6 points per TD. One of these two has to be my # 3 RB, which do I start?
  15. Is offering Wayne for Driver lopsided?

    If you get him to do that trade, it'll be good for you but I don't think anyone would do that trade. Driver is the # 1 receiver on the Packers.
  16. Trent Green or Mark Brunell, WDIS?

  17. BIG trade help!

    Don't do it.
  18. My RB Situation....

    Thompson should be a decent start but the Giants D is pretty good. Thompson is your best play out of those 3 options. McGahee should run wild on the Jets D this week.
  19. Keep Ricky?

    Definitely trade him, he's not going to do much. If other owners are intersted, package him up and get a good RB.
  20. Torry Holt

    I think he'll play. He's a big time player and usually a warrior. If you can wait until Sunday morning to make your decision I would wait but if you have to make it now I'd start him.
  21. Trade for S.Moss?

    Agree with all three, don't do it.
  22. Start a defense

    Get rid of the SF D and pick up Carolina.
  23. TE troubles.....

    I'm big on McMichael, I'd start him. He is a huge part of their game. :
  24. WDIS --Moore or Brown

    I would go with Moore. Do you get any points per reception?
  25. Trade advise

    I would trade for Rudi. He has an easier schedule and New England isn't as good at smash mouth football this year.