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  1. Should I do this trade?

    My season is pretty screwed so far, I'm 0 - 3 and it only seems to be getting worse. Right now I have to start Portis and Frank Gore
  2. Should I do this trade?

    This is his team, I need at least 1 RB because benson and jones are on bye this week. Who should I ask him for? He wants Cedric Benson, Thomas Jones and Andre Johnson Culpepper Chris Brown F Taylor Jimmy Smith Drew Bennett Mike Anderson Michael Bennett Marshall Faulk Mewelde Moore Marty booker Lee Evans Mushim Mohammed
  3. A Little WR Help

    I'd go with Taylor. Lelie need Rod Smith on the sidelines to be effective.
  4. Drop Barlow for Mewelde Moore?

    I'd drop Barlow, the passing game in SF is better than the running game. And in the 2nd half of the season Frank Gore will be getting more and more carries.
  5. Keyshawn or Barlow: Start 1

    I'd start Keyshawn against a poor Oakland Secondary
  6. WDIS: Lelie, Keyshawn or K Curtis

    I'd start Curtis. The big play abilities in that offense and Bruce hurting make him a great start option.
  7. Time To Dump Arrington?

    Dayne might be your best bet. Gore will be more effective later in the year but I think he's just going to get 5 - 10 carries a week for now.
  8. Trade advice

    Pull the trigger, no doubt about it.
  9. QB issue

    I'd think about picking up either Rattay or whoever is QB'ing for Arizone this week. They play each other and both of their defenses suck. In 3 games the niner have given up over 100 points.
  10. Bench K.J. for Reggie Wayne?

    I too would leave K J in there
  11. Giving up on Jamal Lewis already?

    That's a tough one but Lewis is a guaranteed starter and Johnson will be splitting carries all year. I'd pull the trigger and do the trade.
  12. Which QB do I drop?

    Drop Dilfer
  13. Should I do this trade?

    New trade offer, same guy: Fred Taylor and Jimmy smith (I get) for Cedric Benson, Thomas Jones and Andre Johnson I think this is better and might be a possibility
  14. Should I do this trade?

    The first trade was withdrawn before I could accept it, he now has on the table: mewelde moore michael bennet mike anderson marty booker for andre johnson cedric benson thomas jones What do you think?
  15. Should I do this trade?

    I have been offered another trade and I'd like your opinions: Edge, Eddie Kennison and Santana Moss (I get) for Randy Moss and Clinton Portis I look at this and think there is no way I'd do it but I like to hear others opinions.
  16. Waiver wire pick up

    I'd add Brandon Lloyd, he's been the big man for SF all year and since he's the only decent option in their offense, he'll continue to be the big man.
  17. Which WR would you rather have as backup?

    I went with Moss. He fast and plays the verical game very well. If Brunell stay the QB I think Moss is going to have a huge year.
  18. Week 4 WDIS?!?

    The Jets gave up 150 yards rushing last week, go with Lewis. He's due for a huge game.
  19. I need a qb? Trade for Rothlinsberger

    I wouldn't do that trade. You're giving up too much.
  20. Defense

    Ravens vs Jets, no doubt about it.
  21. WR Pickups

    I'd pick them both up if they are available. I'm not so sure about dropping Stallworth.
  22. Lloyd or T Taylor WDIS

    I'd start Lloyd, he's the go to guy and Arizona does not have a very good D.
  23. trade help

    Don't give up a starting RB for a TE.
  24. Should I do this trade?

    Sorry about that: My team: QB Brett Favre Joey Harrington RB Thomas Jones Clinton Portis Cedric Benson Frank Gore WR Andre Johnson Randy Moss Isaac Bruce Brandon Lloyd TE Steve Heiden Ernie Conwell DEF Buffalo Bills
  25. Would you trade D.Davis and Brooks for...

    I wouldn't do that trade, you're not gaining anything.