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  1. Heap for Plaxico

    I'd go with Plaxico. He's the best WR on the Giants and the biggest deep ball threat.
  2. WDIS, K Robinson or B Lloyd

    We get 1 point for ever 20 yards of return yardage and a return TD is 6 points. I read reports that Robinson has been working on the special teams in practice. 1 point per 10 yards receiving, 1 point per catch and 6 points per TD Which guy would you start, Brandon Lloyd vs Cowboys or Koren Robinson vs New Orleans?
  3. Which Defense

    Go with the Giants
  4. WDIS Westbrook or Cadillac?

    Westbrook, more total yardage
  5. Opinions on this trade

    You're giving up 2 starting RB's for 1 starting RB. I don't think I'd do it. Do you get a point per reception? Jordan will catch allot of passes this year.
  6. Steven Jackson or Larry Johnson

    Start Jackson, but just out of curiosity, if he is your # 3 who is your # 1 and # 2?
  7. WDIS? WR help

    I have Andre Johnson and Isaac Bruce, however I was thinking of picking up Shaun MacDonald from ST Louis. Out of those three receivers, who would you start along with Randy Moss? 1 pt per reception, 6 points per TD, 1 point per 10 yards receiving
  8. What to do..what to do...what to do....

    With LJ stealing many touches from Holmes, I wouldn't do that deal. Also, Steve Smith is a step or two above Stokley. Don't do the deal.
  9. WDIS

    I would stick with Delhomme. I wouldn't touch a Baltimore QB and Eli, well he's just Eli.
  10. RICKY!

    I would hold on to him as trade bait.
  11. Who to drop for C Baker or M Booker?

    Drop A. Smith for either guy, I think Booker is the better than Baker.
  12. Who Do I start, need help

    I need to start 2 of these Wide Receivers. My league scoring is 1 pt per reception, 1 point per 10 yards receiving and 6 points per TD. We get a bonus point for 100 yard reception game and 3 points for a 200 yard reception game. Randy Moss vs KC - this is a given, he's in the lineup Andre Johson vs Pitt Brandon Lloyd vs Philly Isaac Bruce vs Arizona Please help, I will answer your post. Thanks
  13. Thinking of trading Edge....

    I would do Edge for Westbrook and Burelson. Not sure if the either team would do that though.
  14. 5 S2 RB's ...Help

    I'd Start Lewis, Portis and Davis. They are all the best options on their respective teams.
  15. Trade question

    Would you do the following trade? I would trade Peyton Manning and Eddie Kennison for Eric Johnson, Nate Burleson and Trent Greent. 6 points for receiving and rushing TD, 4 points for passing TD. 1 point per 20 yards receiving or rushing, 1 point for 50 yards passing. Thanks
  16. Week 1...what 3 Wr's should I start

    Johnson, Williams and Clayton.
  17. jolley not starting?

    Jolley is going to be used in passing situations, Baker will be used mostly to block. Please see my post.
  18. Caddy/Johnson for Jackson/Horn

    There is no need to do a trade. You have every positioni covered.
  19. Is this trade offer fair?

    You are giving up too much. The jags haven't scored 30 points in over 50 games. Please see my trade quetions.