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  1. CHAMP LINE UP??? Start sit

    53% chance. All depends on scoring
  2. DFS Thread

    I usually make 2 - 4 lineups for all of Sundays 1 and 4pm games. Today I made 6 so I have 2 lineups with backups Nd guys who should replace starters from the kickoff or early in the game
  3. PPR

    Michel and perine Brown and Kirk Gibson
  4. Championship advice needed

    Id bench Pittman and play the other 2 wrs and gronk
  5. Allen or Herbert or Brady

    Herbert, give me the guy that has to win
  6. Need to start 2 wr's PPR.

    Lockett and osborn
  7. DFS Thread

    I play dfs every week. I play single games and Sundays games. Today's lineups look great but they will suck
  8. PPR flex

  9. CHAMP LINE UP??? Start sit

    Roll as is
  10. Championship advice needed

    Did you play javonte yesterday?
  11. WDIS

    Herbert playing for their playoff lives Taylor, ekeler, Diggs, deebo and kupp
  12. Thanks for the help. I won my Fantasy Championship

    Great job! Congrats!
  13. Which QB and which 3 rbs

    I ended up losing by 13. Which is fine because before that last second najee TD, I was losing by 1.4. If he gets stuffed on that run, I would have lost because David Montgomery threw an interception while up 26 late in the 4th quarter. If I lost because of that I would have been pissed.
  14. Which QB and which 3 rbs

    Full ppr with bonus @ 300 yards passing and 100 yards rushing / receiving Dak vs Arizona Stafford @ Baltimore Monty vs Giants D. Williams @ Cincy Javonte @ LAC Penny vs Detroit
  15. Week 17 Chat

    So glad Najee scored that TD and the int wasn't why I lost
  16. Week 17 Chat

    If Najee Harris doesn't get another touch, I'm going to lose a championship by 1 point. That sucks enough as it is but losing 2 points on a meaningless David Montgomery interception while the Bears we were winning by 26 is going to haunt me for a long time
  17. Week 17 Chat

    The browns should be handing the ball to Chubb or Johnson on 95% of their plays
  18. Championship MNF - What do you need tonight?

    I'm up 22.9 in full ppr with a 5 point bonus @ 100 yards rushing/ receiving He has Najee left tonight. I can see Najee getting the 23 he needs
  19. Which QB and which 3 rbs

    I kept Penny in. I'm up 22.9 and he has Najee. So Najee will.score 23 tonight
  20. Thanks for the help this year. Just 1 more

    You have a chance but its slim
  21. Thanks guys

    Nobody is perfect! Nice work
  22. Help - Need to Sit Two!

    I was completely wrong on this one. My bad
  23. Vikings vs Packers (SNF)

    If Tyler Conklin can score a TD I will win a nice amount in daily fantasy