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  1. Vikings vs Packers (SNF)

    Every Vikings goes is close
  2. Week 17 Chat

    Played Darrel and Penny today. Have a 22.9 lead going into tomorrow. It'd be over if I wasn't going against St Brown
  3. Thump thump thump

    Jones against the worst rush defense seemed like a no brainer
  4. No, no, Antonio

    Indeed, he's a head case
  5. According to Adam Schefter
  6. No, no, Antonio

    Did he have to reach those bonuses in week 17 or did he have another week?
  7. Week 17 Chat

    And on that last 4th down when he should have run, he threw into double coverage
  8. Wdis?

    Doesn't mean Zeke can't do it. For you I hope he does. I dont think I'm going against him in any leagues
  9. Elijah Mitchell or Penny

    Would have said Penny
  10. Kamara or Edmonds

    Would have said edmonds
  11. Mitchell or Swift

    As a 49ers fan I am hoping they would allow him to stay healthy for the playoffs
  12. Week 17 Chat

    This might be 3x too many. Maybe even more if you include off field issues
  13. Week 17 Chat

    Unless Burrow is hurt. Then it will not have worked out
  14. Week 17 Chat

    Antonio Brown is no longer a Tampa Bay Buccaneer
  15. Mitchell or Swift

    Thats a tough one with both coming off an injury. Flip a coin Id go swift probably
  16. Week 17 Chat

  17. Week 17 Chat

    Did Antonio Brown just retire mid game? What a distraction
  18. Which QB and which 3 rbs

    Awful. I have to hope for garbage time points at this point
  19. Week 17 Chat

    On CBS they ranked dak as the 3rd best qb with projected 18 points snd Stafford as the 4th qb with 23 points. Projections from CBS, yahoo and ESPN are worthless
  20. Which QB and which 3 rbs

    I could use a td to Van Jefferson at some point too
  21. Which QB and which 3 rbs

    I played Stafford because I'm an idiot. He is more likely to throw for 400 and 3 tds and I need to play my homerun lineup to win this league. Ill probably get killed
  22. Which 2 would you start at WR today ppr league?

    Nobody saw 2 tds. I saw 7 catches for 80 yards and hoping for a td
  23. Week 17 Chat

    Well that was foolish
  24. Milk Carton for the BIG 'SHIP 17

    I 2nd this
  25. Week 17 Chat

    Berrios having a nice 1st quarter