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  1. Week 17 Chat

    Can he gain some yards on his runs? 3 runs for 1 yard
  2. Week 17 Chat

    A bunch of underdogs with early leads
  3. Which 2 would you start at WR today ppr league?

    Early TD for Berrios
  4. Another DST ?

  5. Wdis?

    I have little faith in zeke and I think Buffalo will win big and run a lot
  6. Which 3 rb ppr championship?

    Mixon, Rojo and michel
  7. Which QB and which 3 rbs

  8. Nos or Ten D

  9. QB2 Help

  10. Which QB and which 3 rbs

    Right now I have Javonte benched and can switch him and penny until the 4pm game.
  11. IDP help: Pick 3

    I like them all for tackles and for the matchups against run heavy teams
  12. Zeke or Andrews in the flex. 1 ppr

    Id go andrews
  13. IDP help: Pick 3

    Hicks, Perryman and grugier-hill
  14. Desperate times - Need 3 WR's - Need Expert Help

    Berrios, green and MVS
  15. Which QB and which 3 rbs

    Against the giants??
  16. Amonra St brown, dj moore, pittman

    Pittman, st brown, moore
  17. Zeke or Andrews in the flex. 1 ppr

    Who is your te that you aren't starting andrews? Hard to not start him
  18. D'Andre Swift or Darrell Williams???

  19. AB or no AB advice

    Solid team man. TB probably won't need to throw much in the 2nd half. Id leave the rbs in there
  20. Prescott or Burrow

    Ouch.....I like both. There is no wrong choice here
  21. .5 ppr wr help !!

    Still brown
  22. Big Decisions...thank you!

    Hill Pittman Williams and dare Eagles
  23. Flex option for today