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  1. Help - Need to Sit Two!

    Higgins over harris
  2. Set My Lineup for the Big Game!

    If I had Jefferson, I'd probably bench him for a decent WR at this point. But in deep leagues where benches are trash, fire up Jefferson
  3. Help with RB decisions for the SHIP

    Bingo, first 3
  4. Please help set lineup!!

    Watch for AB not playing. Higgins in for AB if he doesn't play. Id play Williams or Williams over najee with Darrel over javonte
  5. Please help set lineup!!

    Id play Higgins, and both Williams over najee
  6. Choosey starting line up for the championship game

    Looks good
  7. It all makes sense. The other part that scares me is Mclaurin will likely be covered by Slay most of the game too

    I agree there too but a much higher ceiling
  9. I'm guessing, like me, Palmer took a big hit with Williams and Guyton clearing covid. What do you think of Boyd? Most snaps by a CIN wr last week, plays the slot which is the biggest weakness for the KC secondary
  10. Flex out Osborn because of Cousins?

    Its between burkhead and Beasley. I kind of like burkhead

    Id go Taysum. Seahawks should blow out the lions and we will see a lot of Penny and Dallas
  12. Who is the preferred Minn QB who is not Cov +?

    Manion and maybe over Darnold
  13. Help - Need to Sit Two!

    He is the most TD dependent and will have a semi timeshare with Stevenson
  14. Championship WR and Flex

    Dupe post
  15. Championship WR + Flex

    Waddle and williams Which patterson?
  16. Stevenson or Ogunbowale?

  17. Moreau or Everett?

  18. Deep Flex? RexBH, BoScott, JHoward, RStevenson ?

    Scott in ppr Rex in standard
  19. Set My Lineup for the Big Game!

    Javonte over Singletary as long as he plays
  20. HELP

    Bench harris
  21. The flex is real HELP !! Te/flex/double te

    Gronk and williams
  22. Cousins out........Jefferson still WR 1? 2? 3?

    Leave Jefferson in there
  23. K Murray or K Cousins this week???

    Cousins out this week due to covid, its an easy answer now