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  1. Tough keeper decision to make

    Akers is the choice here
  2. Keep Kamara or Akers?

    Is there a reason you can't keep both? I'd keep both over Ridley
  3. Trade up costs (dynasty)

    You can stay put and get a rookie qb not named Lawrence
  4. Who would you drop in dynasty league?

    Julio is terribly overpriced now. Don't drop higgins
  5. Keeper ?

    Any idea who will be available in round 2?
  6. Need help with Keeper

  7. Doug

  8. Who should my keeper be?

  9. Which receiver you like for best ball

  10. Early Draft Trade Question

    Have to agree with those above.....try and move goedert for an upgrade at rb or wr
  11. Dynasty Drop/Hold ?

  12. Dynasty trade advice

    In a dynasty where you're loaded I think its a good trade
  13. Keeper?

    Jefferson and Brown
  14. Keeper Trade

    Do it!! You have 3 studs
  15. Jonathan Taylor Trade Bait

    Agree with everyone else
  16. Draft QB early this year?

    Even in your situation I wouldn't take one before round 5 and thats only if a top 6 qb falls to the 5th round
  17. Superflex Dynasty; Kyler or Josh Allen?

  18. Dak for Cook?

    Need way more than dak
  19. Keeper Question

    At this point its be Taylor with Jefferson not far behind
  20. SF Dynasty Startup

    Is it a brand new league? Whats your roster?
  21. Orphaned dynasty league - looking for advice

    Take it
  22. What to give for Waller in PPR dynasty?

    Did you take this trade?
  23. Zeke for Pick 6 in Rookie Draft

    Thats a great trade. Dare I say you fleeced the other team
  24. Was this dynasty trade good? Need some input....

    I like your team, just not sure this trade made a huge improvement
  25. Buccaneers vs Packers (NFC Championship)

    It was but there were 4 obvious holds against TB where the refs didn't call it.....two of them on 3rd down which gives the Packers automatic 1st downs. 1 of them happened on an interception too