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  1. Pick all my WRs & RBs for Week 13

    Cooper, Samuel and Patrick Jones, kamara Murray
  2. TE week 13- DallasG vs GB or KyleR vs Jax?

  3. Looking to trade for CHUBB

    Of course. Chubb is an upgrade over every rb on your team not named Aaron jones
  4. Need 15.5 from snell

    It looks good for you as long as they play the game
  5. Throwing a Game

    You CAN do it but fully expect the fantasy football gods and fantasy football karma to seek and destroy you during the playoffs
  6. Up 20 with

    Nice. I expected Wilson to be slinging it all over the place last night
  7. Week 13 Waivers

    I thought Hill was a great pick up. If you saw the Atlanta defense scoring 2 TDs than you deserve your winnings. If Jacobs is out, Booker is a great pick up for this week
  8. wk13 Waivers Running back Question

    Booker and then akers. Booker will be solid if jacobs sits
  9. Looking to trade for CHUBB

    I would laugh at anyone that offered me that for Chubb
  10. Playoff QB Watson/Allen or Brady off WW

    Drop Watson for Brady as long as you're ok with somebody starting Watson against you
  11. Just worrying...

    Pick up Gallman now
  12. A Kicker Question!

    Butker.....give me a potent offense over anything else when considering kickers
  13. Week 13 Waivers

    You can use it on akers but do you really think it won't be a 3 man committee going forward?
  14. Need 15.5 from snell

    Standard or ppr?
  15. Did Fulgham Die

    He only had that 4 game stretch because of a ton of injuries
  16. jump on next week TE

  17. Fuller suspended

    He is out 6 games. If he does appeal it'll be before this weekends game
  18. Big enough lead?

  19. Drop Fulgham or Anderson for Samuel?

    Drop fulgham
  20. Drop 2 - who goes?

    Davis and duke
  21. Up 20 with

    Youre doomed
  22. Keeper

    Adqms for consistency
  23. Taysom Hill?

    They should void the entire teams points for attempted cheating
  24. Who's your personal FF MVP?

    For me its between Jrob, Diontae Johnson and Antonio Gibson is making a late push with 8 tds in his last 5 games
  25. Bears vs Packers (SNF)

    Monty with a nice run