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  1. Your Second Team

    "You will be given a team that builds through the draft..." The Jets. But that's okay, my first team is the Lions...
  2. +1 I decided to join an NBA fantasy league this year for the first time, you know, to give it a shot. Turns out, I couldn't be any more disinterested...
  3. champ or playing for championship...

    QB: Peyton vs. Brady RB: MJD vs. LT RB: Marion Barber vs. Gore Flex: Ronnie Brown or Plaxico vs. Reggie Bush WR: Reggie Wayne vs. Larry Fitzgerald WR: Colston vs. LColes TE: Vernon Davis vs. Cooley K: Nate Kaeding vs. Dave Ranyer DEF/ST: Vikings vs. Panthers It's going to be close... Right now, the preview is giving him the edge by .1 of a point. Crazy...
  4. R. Brown says he'll play MNF

    Yes, he did great against the Jets early in the season... But will they load him up on carries? Or will it be RBBC with him and Sammy Morris? He's been on my IR for the last several weeks, and I'll be glad to play him as my RB options are slim, but I'd like to see MIA throw him back into the fire and not worry about "conditioning" or "re-adjustment to game speed." We'll see how this week's practice looks, I suppose...
  5. Matt Jones-Drew/Fred Taylor

    From RotoWorld:
  6. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE !

    Reggie Bush Reggie Wayne LT
  7. Saints homers, if this true?

    Both could apply... You should be wary of flying monkeys, but if they were constantly harassing me, I would certainly be weary of them. Damn flying monkeys...
  8. New Orleans Homers- Joe Horn

    From RotoWorld... Rotoworld Rotoworld - Joe Horn Player page
  9. Tomlinson

    I believe that the Chargers should sit him or give him minimal carries to rest him for the playoffs and to not rub the TD record in other teams noses - it's in poor taste. They should sit him for week 15 and week 16 - especially week 16 if I make it to the championship game in our League.
  10. Worst FFL decision today...

    From your avatar, I will assume you are a Lions fan. And as a Lions fan you should know to ALWAYS play anyone who has been cut by the Lions, when they play against the Lions. Death, taxes... It's just the way cosmic justice is doled out to all us Lions fans.
  11. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE !

    Fragile Fred Reggie Bush Thomas jones
  12. Ohio State V Florida

    I think this is accurate... The 17 points is garbage points in the last 8 minutes. Florida is going to get smoked, big time. I thought that a UofM rematch would be entertaining to watch, at least.
  13. Have last minute questions?

    Should I go with Vikings D or Denver D today? 2pts for sacks, ints, fumbles; 6 pts for Def TD's and ST TD's; Punt and Return 25yds = 1pt.
  14. WDIS - DEF?

  15. WDIS - DEF?

    Both here - points for low scoring as well as 2 points for sacks, INTs, fumbles and TD's (6). W also have points for Special Teams TD's and punt and kickoff yards. More often than not, DEF/ST points in our league add up with Sacks...