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  1. Lavar to visit Giants again... can dream huh? This would be a terrific Defense wouldn't it? Arrington, Pierce, McQuaters, Madison, Umineura (or whatever), Strahan, Short, If they mesh, I feel bad for opposing offenses.
  2. T.O. gives new meaning to

    Yeah...this year is either the Giants or the Skins. The boys will be third and the Eagles dead last until they get things cleared up.
  3. Giants pick up Madison

    Demps is an upgrade from last year and I think he's gonna finally step out of the shadows of the Baltimore superstars that started ahead of him last year. Giants defense was scary last seaon when they were healthy...sorry to say it again but improving that defense in any way is just scary
  4. Giants pick up Madison

    True... ...but... ...the last thing a CB should be worried about is tackling. If a CB is worried about tackling, that just means he's blown his first priority which is keeping the ball out of the reciever's hands in the first place...a task that Sam Mad excells at which is a good thing for the Giants. The two Wills have been way too inconsistant. They were players that you wanted to love but never lived up to potential due to injuries and all that. Sure they made a couple of big plays but their tackling was atrocious AND they were always getting burnt. Couple that with the addition od R.W. McQuaters and the secondary is looking way better than it has in years. This is a brilliant acquisition on the Giants behalf. Lets see now...they have Osi, Michael, R.W., Sam, Will (Demps, another good pickup), Antonio and Chase? Scary defense.
  5. if Dallas does'nt sign TO

  6. Okay...last question...

    Santana Moss, Andre Johnson or Chris Chambers?
  7. 3 GREAT RB's Need help deciding

    I'd bench Alexander and run with Bell and Caddy. Bell should get the majority of the carries with Anderson out and Caddy is at home against the Aints...and he's healthy AND he had 31 carries last week. last time TB played NO Cady had 96 yards on 22 carries. Imagine if Caddy gets the ball 30+ times. Bell and Caddy are your best low risk combo here. Alexander may play until he gets a TD, or the might even just put him in at the goal line to get his 1 TD and the record. That's even if they care about that.
  8. Pick up McCown?

  9. Your 2005 FF MVP?

    Steve Smith hands down. I picked him up late in the fourth round and Started him and TO right away. We all know how TO turned out, but Smith more than made enough points for 2 wide outs on more than one occasion. I knew he would be a sleeper, as did many owners, but I don't think anyone expected him to be the best fantasy reciever this year. Smith will be the #1 reciever picked in all drafts next year and I got hinm late in the fourth round.
  10. Pick up McCown?

    I have Palmer and Eli and McCown is available. Should I snatch him up and start him over Manning? Or do you think Manning would be the better play?
  11. Biggest bust of fantasy '05

    K Jones and TO TO was key to me losing my position and dropping to 5th place overall. DNabb was key as well because of that darn hernia, he wasn't able to get TO the ball in the last couple of weeks that TO was still playing. Kevin Jones was the 6th RB drafted in my league. I gotta say, that sucks.
  12. Palmer or E. Manning?

    thanks guys
  13. Palmer or E. Manning?

  14. Palmer or E. Manning?

    With a secured playoff spot and not much else to play for, AND a slightly injured groin, should I start Palmer over Eli, who has A decent matchup at home and needs a win to clinch a division title? Either way there are downsides...but Cincinati may just roll with Kitna this week, or it may be "The Rudi Johnson Show". My thoughts are that if it's the "Tiki Barber Show", at least Tiki is a pass catching RB that can help pad Eli's stats a bit. Biggest question is, does Palmer play the whole game?
  15. Steve Smith

    I really don't think so...he'll be fined and that's it. Look for Smith to have a huge game this week.