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  1. Lamont Jordan

    Nice for you to drop by. I guess you haven't had much to say for the past 8 weeks regarding Jordan. Even the most pessimistic person in the world can go around saying that the world will come to an end the next day. Although that person will look like an idiot, one day, he/she will be right. I'm not sure why that popped in my head after reading your post.
  2. What do you need on MNF

    I am up by 28 vs. the division leader. I have beat him once this season and could pull out an unlikely sweep with a win. He is 8-4 and I am 7-5, so a win ties us up going into the final week of the season. I have him H2H and he has me on points-for. So, what do I need? I need Alexander to not score a ton. Actually, he has Shaun Alexander and Josh Brown. I have Akers. For once in several years, I am pulling for Philly like I have never pulled for them before.
  3. Jay Feely...

    Ummmm.....we've had that for the last few years. There is only upside for us.
  4. Jay Feely...

    Go ahead and cut him. I'll take him down here in Dallas.
  5. Disgruntled McGahee Owners Unite!

    Good info here.
  6. Not only can't my guys score TD's, my WR's continue to fumble. I just had to vent somewhere.
  7. D. Mason;

    Boggles my mind. Anybody have any info?
  8. D. Mason;

    I switched back over and saw now that he had 33 yds receiving, then about 10 seconds later, he's back down to -12 yds.....LOL
  9. I think the Sunday Night Crew...

    They suck, as has been mentioned a billion times....... But thank God they got rid of that pseudo-siren exit/intro they have been using for commercial breaks. That got annoying as well, but I enjoyed not hearing that crappola again.
  10. Welcome Back JJ!

    JJ is looking really good on his first two carries........ (I'm excited, because I need him)
  11. Welcome Back JJ!

    Geez.....3 shots from the 1 and JJ can't get in
  12. Welcome Back JJ!

    ....Then Barber gets the TD
  13. Here is what I've got for RB and WR. 1 for 10 yds. All TD's =6. Need 2 of each: RB Anderson vs. NYJ (Sometimes the NYJ Def shows up.....but he'll be one) Gado vs. MIN (Can I get a good week from him after benching him last week?) S. Davis @ CHI (TD machine, but CHI def. has me concerned) J. Jones vs. DET (Would love to play my boy, but status is up in the air) Parker @ BAL (Could be a big week or could be equal to Jamal Lewis) WR Engram @ SF (Oh well, guess I gotta go with him as SA tears up SF) Ward @ BAL (Benched last week due to QB...gets worse this week) Curtis vs. ARI (Bruce is probably back.....Not sure of his role) Mason vs. PIT (60 yds.......that's about it) Thanks, and I'm looking for my fellow Huddlers to help me get this win!
  14. I've got issues....AND I need a Win!

    looking for last minute advice.......Thanks
  15. WDIS?

    I'd say go with your original picks.
  16. WDIS: Dom Davis or C. Brown?

    is right...... I have no clue on this one. If DD is "really" healthy, I would go with him.

    My gut tells me St. Louis....... ARZ may put up some yards though.....However, there is plenty of opportunities for sacks and int's.
  18. WDIS at 3rd WR?

    If Stallworth plays, I'd go with him.
  19. Quick starting kicker and D question...

    Scobee and Hotlanta.....Simms may give up a couple picks
  20. Too close to call

    "Free Willie!'
  21. wr's and rb's

    Engram, Kennison and Jones. My gut tells me this.......
  22. I've got issues....AND I need a Win!

    Anybody else????
  23. Must win situation ! WDIS

    I like Favre this week
  24. WDIS RB Help needed

    Is "All of the Above" a choice? Actually, I would probably sit Lewis from that rabble.
  25. I've got to go to work shortly and just found out it is raining pretty bad in Seattle. I was about to leave for work with Engram and Curtis as my starting WR. I sat Ward and Mason due to horrible matchups........... ...........with their crappy QB's. Any insight or advice?