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  1. How bad is Gado

    who gives a shucks. seriously?
  2. Standard Performance scoring W. McGahee vs NE J. Bettis vs BAL J. Lewis vs PIT T. Fisher @ CIN Pick Three.
  3. WDIS: Pick 3 running backs

    I am leaning towards McGahee, Bettis, and Fisher Sound good?
  4. I am in desperate need of some RB help. I have chester taylor and pittman on my bench as reserves in the RB department. Bell and Staley are both now available on the WW. I was going to drop Kevin Curtis to get one of them (I have Wayne, Clayton, and Randle El). Which is the better choice here?
  5. Giants Fans Should Be Ashamed...

    is this thread a joke?
  6. Flex Position Walker being out hurts me bad Standard performance scoring. Curtis @ARI Randle El @HOU
  7. The Bucs stymied the Minnesota running game last week and will likely do the same this week against Buffalo. On the positive however was McGahee's 5 carries last week inside the 10 yard line. Will get 25+ touches each week, but a borderline starter this Sunday. BOARDERLINE starter??? McGahee runs for 100+ with a TD
  8. Walker going down was a big blow to my team. I have Wayne and Clayton but I need to start a 3rd receiver in my flex spot. Whould you start Curtis or Randle El there? Standard Performance Scoring.
  9. Vick sucks

    Just because he is not a good FF QB does not mean he isn't a good QB. He wins games with his presence and his legs. He has incredible arm strength and if he can work on his accuracy, he will be deadly. I went to virginia tech and saw him in 99 and 00 and he can definately pass when he needs to. Anyone who drafts him as a FF QB is retarded.
  10. You know.....

    I'm going to go 3-1 but with my loss coming in my main league. I also have Walker in that league and Walker in another but I still managed to win that one
  11. I have Walker in both of my main leagues. Took him in the 3rd round in both leagues and #1 WR.
  12. Anyone still drafting?

    Tomorrow at 2pm is my main one
  13. Worst draft pick you've seen this yr.

    Drew Brees at 1.04 Honestly.