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  1. All Snubbed Team

    Wow. No Peterson or Vilma in the AFC at LB? Peterson has made a ton of big plays for that defense. And Vilma, though in his second year, is as good a LB as there is in the AFC.
  2. Marc Bulger

    Great matchup against SF ... Could use him/Holt and even the Rams in my survivor pool. I can't believe they'd run him out there with nothing to gain this season.
  3. Your choices are Ciatrick Fason, Ryan Moats or Cedric Houston. Keeper league where starting RBs are extremely valuable. The question is: Who has more value in 2006? Add Greg Jones to the mix.
  4. Who will have more value in 2006?

    thanks. anyone else have an opinion?
  5. Alexander Comments on Contract Talks

    Shaun Alexander to the Eagles ... exactly what we need.
  6. Need an IR list

    Anyone have a link?
  7. Bears running back situation

    the week i trade benson, 3 days later he goes out and actually looks like he WON'T be curtis enis. figures. oh, did i mention i own thomas jones?
  8. what do you think

    This was one of those "in the middle" plays. If it had been called a catch in the first place, I don't think they would have had enough evidence to overturn that call. I did, however, think it was a catch.
  9. This may have been brought up before, but

    Let's see if I can remember the mistakes they made off the top of my head: 1) Talking about which team TO will play for later in the season. A) The trade deadline passed. The Eagles WILL NOT CUT HIM. 2) Calling Ladell Bets' long return a PUNT return rather than a kickoff return. 3) Extreme wishy-washiness on every close play. 4) Ridiculous performance of fellatio on the resurrection of Mark Brunell's career. 5) Crediting Billy McMullen for a catch that was made by Reggie Brown. 6) The worst of all was Paul Maguire saying how he'd been around the NFL for 46 years and had never heard a player trash-talk a teammate the way TO talked about Donovan. Hello? I guess he didn't pay attention to what TO said about Jeff Garcia. 7) Overall, just being IDIOTS.
  10. Any Word on Chris Brown?

    Every Titan is always listed as ? which never helps. Anyone hear anything about practice Thursday or Friday?
  11. Any Word on Chris Brown?

    thanks gunther. hey seahawk, rather than wasting your time how about providing something useful? it's hard to trade brown for jones since i own both.

    i'd do that. any way you can get eli in the deal to replace brooks for the next 2 weeks?
  13. Which back up QB has better upside?

    For this season only, Volek. For long-term Schaub.
  14. Does he put up serviceable QB2 numbers starting this week? Or is someone like Holcomb/Dilfer better?
  15. Conundrum?

    i think i'd pick up a. smith as insurance.
  16. Accept a 6 player deal involving JJones & SJax?

    Do the trade before the other owner realizes what a mistake he's making.
  17. Jerry Porter

    he lit up tennessee last year. i'm giving him this week to show me something.
  18. Who are the best 3 CB's in the NFL.

    Sheldon Brown
  19. Thomas Jones

    Cedric Benson meet Phillip Rivers. How can Jones not be the starter for the rest of the season and into next year? Those who have Benson just have to hope he turns out to be like Shaun Alexander.
  20. McCown to start.

    We were all this excited for this crap?
  21. I would do it. Hasselbeck is better than Collins.
  22. Edge Trade

    Who are your WRs? I mean, you only have to start 1 RB ... and that's an easy choice 16 out of 17 weeks with Edge. So you have Dunn for Edge's bye, which is fine. That leaves the question of how bad are your other starters that you would even consider this? I mean, right now you couldn't start Kevin Jones with confidence. Jamal Lewis has been average this year and Chester Taylor is still a backup. Is this a keeper league? If so, AND IF YOU ARE OUT OF IT THIS YEAR, I'd give the trade more consideration. I think Taylor and Jones are good bets for the future and I think Lewis could bounce back next year as well when he's not worried about prison.
  23. QB Dilemma

    Who is Bulgar?
  24. Bulger is down ...

    Why do QBs do this? Get the hell out of the way and let one of your OL make a darn tackle. I'm with whoever posted earlier: I have Griese as well. I'm probably not going to pick up Martin, and there are several teams below me in the standings that will probably try to grab him anyway. He looked awful from what I saw, but he did go 17 for 21.
  25. Tice is a MORAN

    He's gotta be fired Monday, doesn't he? My question about him is really simple: Why does he leave Culpepper in blowouts? It was 28-3 with 4 minutes left today and Culpepper was still in. I don't get the rationale. Why risk injury to your top player in a game that is out of hand?