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  1. need ot know cause those are ronly two that look promising and t-gonzs bye week is coming up
  2. I htink brooks is goign to shred Minnesotta....Its a shame tho cause i am a minnesotta hommer!
  3. WR Nightmare!

    this post makes me sick!!!!!!!Wr nightmare PLease look bellow at my wr core................
  4. I have t-gonz and i have ben watson should i pick up Eric johnson or Jeremy Stevens??? I would be dorpping watson if i do this.......
  5. NOt sure how i drafted At first i loved it but now realize my wr are pathetic. Looking at the teams out there in my league it looks liek i could get someone to give me S. Smith and warrick Dunn for D.Davis...............What about this deal. I am 2-0 SHould i hodl more faith in my Wr core???
  6. Never have drafted a te higher then 6th rd this year grabbed t gonz 4th rd and hes laying an egg....Trent Green needs to look his way more.....He was thrown to 5 times tonight and caught all 5 ballz......When will he show up?
  7. t gonz where is he?

    yea just sad cause im down 9 pts i got duce mac and julious jones left but he has keyshawn and i was praying t gonz woulda found the endzone tongiht so i could be sleeping righ tnow ..................Trent green does look ugly tho
  8. Against my bette rjudgment i started evans over chambers today GOD IM STUPID!
  9. Wide OUTs

    Chambers,Bennet, Stokely, Boldin, Evans Which 2 do u start today? and why..........
  10. what do u gurus know on this???
  11. Delhome plays NE im scared who do i start???
  12. Wide OUTs

    PLease help....Desperate
  13. My qbs are Delhome Brooks SHould i try to pull a trade for leftwich or will these two qbs allow me to contend???
  14. heres my team Delhome Brooks Julious jones Duce Mac Dom Davis Boldin Stokely Chambers Evans Bennet T-Gonz Shayne Ghram COlts def I want more solid wr i figured id offer dom davis and osmeone for steve smith and dunn.............can someone help me formulate a trade that i migh tbe able to pull i know it is hard not knowing teams in my league....any advice would help
  15. what about this trade?

    yea but who do i htrow in to sweeten the deal>>??????
  16. what about this trade?

    1 qb 2 rb 1 te 2 wr 1 k 1 def 6 pt touch downs 1 pt 10 yds rushign/rec 1pt 30 passing yrds
  17. i have colts def now.....................whcih def do i pick up HElp im desperate
  18. Def..?

    I drafted the colts def. However i will be needing another def and isnt much left.....Someone dropped the panthers def tho today should i pick them up?????HOwever when colts have there bye week panthers play Vikes.....
  19. Just wondering cause i coudl really use him this week
  20. will stokely start?

    I guess i didnt mean will he start but will he play i belivee he is probable.
  21. nother trade offer

    WHy the hell woudl u not take vick for givens ARE U CRAZY!
  22. Boldin Bennet Chambers Stokely Evans Im leaning towards Stokely and Boldin.......ANy THoughts on this matter?
  23. Ghram or Reed

    which kicker should i use week one????? Shayne Ghram or Jeff reed
  24. which two outa these three do i start week 1???? Julius jone Duce McAllistar Dominic Davis thanks