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  1. 14 team league... I got my work draft Sunday and we did the draft order today and I got the number 4 spot. I noticed it was mostly standard scoring but also noticed that the commish also added .5 points for rushing attemps, .5 for passing completions and .5 for receptions. If one of the big 3 rbs fall, I will grab one of them but if all 3 are gone, I think Tiki Barber might be the best pick here, given his involvement with every facet of the Giants offense. Anyone different I should consider here?
  2. Lee Evans

    wow my season is done... started guys like drew bennett and andre johnson over him.... I'm never owning a wr in a terrible offensive system again
  3. wdis: Pick 2: M Moore, Greg Jones, Arrington

    arrington or mwelde moore?
  4. Mwelde Moore at Detroit Greg Jones at Cleveland JJ Arrington @ san fran default scoring.... more weight on receptions
  5. In a league where passing yardage and completions are counted heavily... Theres a few inches of snow in NY and it will be a cold one for Eli Manning, Louisiana native.. Is Fitzpatrick worth a start?
  6. Quarles or Derrick Brooks

    DL 2 spots- Andra Davis, Quarles, Derrick Brooks DB 2 Spots- Manuel of Seattle, Charles Tillman
  7. I have both Quarles and Brooks on my team. Quarles has been consistent this season with the tackles. Brooks has suddenly come on the last 3 games recording games with 8, 8 and 10 solo tackles including 5 assist tackles the last week. I'm wondering which DL i should play in my lineup along with Andra Davis this wk.
  8. Greatest NFL game you ever saw

    Colts/Steelers 96 AFC Championship Game.... Cinderella is a catch away from knocking off the beast. Giants/Niners from 02/03 Playoffs... Incredible game Jets/Chargers from last year
  9. RB Help

    I doubt DD will be completely healthy from here on out.... I'd be safe and go w Westbrook
  10. QB dilemna

    Palmer no doubt. This should be a shootout.
  11. Inclined to disallow this trade

    you should change your leagues rules or constitution after this season and have the league vote on these deals... The commish will always be criticized if hes the only one deciding if a deal is fair or unfair
  12. wdis

    Which 2 do I start out of the 3? Greg Jones, M Moore or Staley
  13. Ethics question!

    It's happened before in the league I play in. Its cheap play and "unethical" but still legal. I just suggest that you don't do it. These things find a way to come back and kick you in the ... For instance last season when I was first seed where 4 get in, the owner who was 2nd seed already clinched in the last wk but he purposely tanked his game so he wouldnt have to face the team w LT, Gates, Joe Horn...(it was prob arguably the 2nd best team in the league at the time)... Instead facing who wouldve been 4th seed and playing me, instead he moved up to 3rd seed w a team of 2nd half studs.. Muhammad, Collins, etc.... That team that purposely tanked got their 's kicked in the first rd against that team...
  14. What are your thoughts on this proposal

    My new lineup would be Qb- Bulger, Wr- Steve Smith, Wr- Andre Johnson, Wr- Curtis, RB- Edge, RB- Greg Jones(temp), TE- Dallas Clark, WR/RB- Duce Staley possibly.... Steve Smith had my eyes opened to this deal but Bennett could have a huge rest of yr down the stretch and Mwelde Moore and I can't believe i'm saying this bout a Viking rb... cloest thing (w exception of James) to being a sure starter
  15. My team is QB- Bulger, WR- R Moss, WR- Andre Johnson, WR- Bennett, RB- Edgerrin James, RB- Greg Jones, TE- Dallas Clark, WR/RB- Mwelde Moore Bench- Duce Staley, Lee Evans, Frank Gore, Cedric Benson, Eli Manning, Jonathan Wells Trade Proposal offered to me and I have till tonight to think about it: Randy Moss Mwelde Moore Frank Gore Drew Bennett Jonathan Wells For Steve Smith Kevin Curtis Jerome Bettis Heath Evans Ricky Williams