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  1. WDIS?

    Go with Cooley.
  2. Start Dallas Clark or Heath Miller?

    I have the same prob. Right now I'm kinda leaning towards Clark but that could change.
  3. Mooch fired

    Yah, It's Great Being A Lions Fan........
  4. WDIS

    This might help you a little both Bolden and Davis have been practicing and say there good to go.
  5. QB Help

    I would nomally start Hass. But it looks like this Dallas / Det. game is going to get ugly. Bly is out and Goodman is hurt. Now it looks like Holt is going to be banged up Looks like we will be starting K. Smith and S. Wilson at corner. Bledsoe could go off against those guys.
  6. Delhomme or Brees?

    I would see what the wheather is like in chi. on sun. I have both and think that I'll start Brees. Chi. Def. has been realy good as of late.
  7. WDIS - WR and RB mess...

    I would pick up Johnson.
  8. Most annoying player on your roster?

    Where do I start: C. Dillon, E. Kennison, R. Johnson, Roy Williams, N. Burleson, D. Clark. So far I had a Great Season.
  9. yikes wdis? qb

    McNown Still hate that GUY!!!!
  10. experts only

    If you can wait till game time fri. night and see what the weather is like. It could be a mess. Last year had the same thing happened, they played a game before a hurricane both teams had to keep the ball on the ground. Last I saw 60% chance of rain for the game.
  11. Manning or Manning

    Sorry couldn't help myself. P. Manning Mon. night Rams beat up sec. I'd start him.
  12. Manning or Manning

    Go with Manning.
  13. C. Dillon

    I usally stick to that rule to, don't know what I was thinking at the draft
  14. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare

    K. Jones Holt Alexander