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  1. WDIS WR?

    Go with Moss, forget he's playing the Eagles. He'll still have a pretty big day.
  2. mike anderson

    After seeing Anderson play bad and get hurt each of the last two weeks it's painful to say to go with him, but you would have to think that he'll break out of his funk eventually. Anderson is the riskier start but he has a much better upside. I'd go with Anderson and hope that Madden is giving him the Horse Trailer Award with 2 minutes left on MNF.
  3. Need Advice on a Fill-in RB

    I'd go with the minny rb that gets the nod from Tice this week (most likely still going to be bennett)
  4. Throw me a friggin bone....

    Pull the trigger, who knows what the rest of the season holds for Anderson/Dayne and there's nothing worse than watching one of your rbs post a goose egg in a given week. Bruce is a solid option almost every week.
  5. Jamal Lewis or Mike Anderson

    I have the same problem, I'm going with Lewis because you can't even rely on the fact that Mike Anderson is getting all the carries.
  6. I already have McCallister pencilled in as rb1. I know you're not supposed to go against your studs, but with Lewis still a little hobbled and only getting half the normal carries against Indy I question my rb2 spot. Should I go with the Anderson against Miami and hope that another Denver rb has a monster week? Start 2 rbs no flex position 1pt 10yds rushing/receiving 6pts td no other bonus pts
  7. WDIS: Lewis or Anderson

    Thanks for the input fellas, didn't really think about the fact that Mike Anderson very well may be splitting carries too....