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  1. Anyone Else Win With a HORRIBLE Super Bowl?

    Avoiding players being benched due to wrapped up playoff spots, I guess. This is our first year and I personally liked not having to worry about how much LT was going to play or whether Chester Taylor was going to call it a season because the Vikings are out of the playoff race.
  2. See my team in my sig. I scored 59 points (a good week is usually about 110-120), got all of TWO touchdowns from my entire starting lineup (BOTH by 49'ers), and still won the league title by 2 points. This fantasy football is a whacky game.
  3. champ or playing for championship...

    Won last night in potentially the WORST Fantasy Football Super Bowl I have ever seen. My Lineup QB - Carson Palmer, Trent Green, Vince Young RB - Frank Gore, Chester Taylor, Ladell Betts, Sammy Morris WR - Chad Johnson, Torry Holt, Lee Evans, Reggie Williams, Reggie Brown TE - Randy McMichael, Vernon Davis K - John Kasay DEF - Chicago Runner-Up (Starters only as I don't have the roster in front of me) QB - Drew Brees RB - Brian Westbrook RB - Jamal Lewis WR - Anquan Boldin (??) WR - Marty Booker TE - Antonio Gates DEF - Seattle K - Nate Kaeding I won a 59-57 thriller.
  4. WDIS - C Taylor or S Morris?

    bump... no opinions at all?
  5. WDIS - C Taylor or S Morris?

    Starting to look at some projections and apparently folks feel like Taylor is going to play enough to take advantage of that bad New York Jets run D. I'm not exactly in bad shape with either guy, I think, but I'd definitely like to nail this lineup and take home the league Super Bowl. What's the word on CT and is he healthy enough to play over Morris?
  6. Chester Taylor

    Ditto... Morris should have a good game against one of the worst run D's in the league. I am starting Morris as a matter of fact instead of Chester. I just don't think he is going to get the full load, even if he does play. Pinner showed he could share the work and make noise, plus there's also Fason back there to return the screw-job to Pinner and all the owners who picked up Pinner after last weekend. In short, I don't like any of the Vikings RB's this week by themself. Now if you could lump them together as a TEAM RB... jackpot!!
  7. The I Sat Gore Offical Posting Site

    Played him and Vernon Davis and loved the 4th-quarter party!
  8. Need Help Please! WR

    If you start 2 WR's and a flex, why not start Betts? He's better than any of those other options.
  9. WDIS - V Davis or R McMichael

    Rocker, do you think the weather in Seattle tonight makes Davis a better or worse play?
  10. WDIS - V Davis or R McMichael

    C'mon, not even a LOOK?
  11. WDIS - V Davis or R McMichael

    So headed into my league's Super Bowl, I have a minor yet I think important dilemma to solve by tonight. My opponent has Antonio Gates, meaning it will be imperative to at least stay within shouting distance of him in TE scoring. Ironically, I have somehow ended up with two TE's who will be paired with one of my starting RB's this week. I am already playing Frank Gore and Sammy Morris, but can't decide which short passing attack I want to pair with those guys. Who do you like in a standard scoring league? Davis @ SEA McMiachael v. TB
  12. Can you sit Torry Holt this week?

    And there's all you need to know about Holt v. Oakland. Cincinnati picked them apart and got two 100 yard receivers last Sunday. Bulger, Holt, and Bruce/Curtis should repeat the feat this weekend, especially if the Rams can get ANY pressure on Aaron "INT" Brooks.
  13. Pick 2 Running Backs

    Bumpity bump... anyone else have some opinions on this?
  14. Vernon Davis or Tony Scheffler - rest of season?

    I have a claim on Davis right now hoping he can be an upgrade over McMichael's sorry butt. This is my championship game, so I'm basically going to ride the title on how well San Fran performs in Seattle. Grab Davis.
  15. Pick 2 Running Backs

    Thanks Wolv. Do you not think Pinner's performance against Detroit warrants a few carries even if Taylor is healthy enough to play? I just worry with CT's bad ribs and Pinner's solid game (even if it was against the Lions) mean that Taylor will have some of the load taken off his shoulders and put on some of the backups (Pinner, Fason, Moore).