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  1. Watson

    Cooley available on the ww.
  2. Edgerrin or Carnell?

    This trade sounds good for you. With Leinart starting, Edge could get extra dump offs and they might run the edge more. TB Qb is who? Caddy might really hurt from this.
  3. Coles/J.Lewis for J.Walker/Portis

    Morons? 12 team league. Made the move the day before injury reports came out on last wed. Either of the players I targeted had little value at the time. Just listened to the fellow huddlers on who to buy low. I got lucky. Moron=liek
  4. Coles/J.Lewis for J.Walker/Portis

    I made this trade a couple days ago and I hit pay dirt!
  5. D. Mason

    The Browns secondary is really banged up. Is today the day that the McNair, Mason combo returns?
  6. Start Caddy?

    Any one starting Caddy today? My only other option is K. Jones.
  7. I have been offered Moss and Droughns for D.Mason. I don't think there is any value. Prove me wrong or just give me advice if I should make this trade.
  8. SIMTT. I am thinking of offering this trade, I am just reluctant to. Should I? Need fellow huddler advice?
  9. *Who to BUY LOW?*

    Fred Taylor...
  10. Caddilac Williams

    Back spasams are killing me. The season schedule doesn't look it will get any easier.
  11. *Who to BUY LOW?*

    I hope caddy starts to run. I think portis is a buy low.
  12. Porits or F.Taylor

    You really don't have a choice, since portis is banged up. So pick fred 'broke-down' taylor. ugh What about foster?
  13. Not happy with either. Pick one. flip a coin and post. If you would please.
  14. Lundy or Morency

    don't start either rb.
  15. Starting wr Harrison need a #2 wr start

    Nice Post Big Dogs. You make a convincing argument on why to start Mason. Mason @#2 it is.