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  1. WDIS QB and RB2

    Any opinion to my questions would be appreciated.
  2. WDIS QB and RB2

    I need 1 starting QB Rivers @ Seattle Leinart @ San Fran Cutler vs Cinny I'm leading towards Leinart due to San Fran terrible Pass D My starting RB is LT however I need to start another one. Dayne vs Indy Morris vs Jets D.Williams @ ATL Here I'm leaning towards Dayne since Indy has a bad Rush D and Morris may split carries with Morris Thank you
  3. Team A because of LT.....because I have LT and he has help me win 5 in a row to help me make the playoffs at 8-6
  4. WDIS WR Help for Playoffs

    Any other opinions out there? Thanks
  5. Some WDIS

    Team#1 Driver & Harrison Team#2 Drew & Shockey Team#3 Favre & C.Taylor Team#4 Hasselbeck & Fitz
  6. Dillon or TJones

    I would go with Dillion. Houston is terrible against the run.
  7. WDIS WR Help for Playoffs

    Edwards @ Ravens Edwards had a nice game at home against the Ravens, however the Ravens are tough at home. Mason vs Browns Mason had a nice game at the Browns earlier in the season, however Clayton seems to get alot of the passes lately S. Moss @ Saints Moss can make big plays at anytime, too hard to predict DJ Hacket vs 49ers Jackson is hurt and Hacket seems to be the only Seattle WR to hang onto the ball I'm already starting Coles so I need 2 more. Thanks
  8. Have last minute questions?

    WDIS: Braylon Edwards or Cedrick Wilson Best Chance for 100yds or at least a TD I'm leaning towards Wilson because Hines Ward is out and the Steelers are playing the Bucs. I need 100yds to receiving any points for yardage. Thanks
  9. Have last minute questions?

    WDIS @ QB Rivers @ Bills Leinart @ Rams Cutler vs Seahawks Thanks
  10. WDIS at QB

    Rivers @ Bills Leinart @ Rams Cutler vs Seahawks I'm kind of leaning towards Leinart because they are playing indoors and the Ram's pass D is suspect. The weather in Bufflo and Denver is also a concern. Thanks
  11. LT Trade

    I have the 3rd overall pick in my draft and I know for a fact LT will be availible. LJ & SA will be 1st & 2nd I made a trade offer to trade away my 1st & 4th round pick (3rd & 46th overall) for a 1st & 2nd round picks (12th & 13th overall). That would give me 4 picks out of the top 27. I think it's a good deal for fact I could pick up a Tier 2 RB at 12 and a Tier 1 WR at 13 and maybe another Tier 1 high Tier 2 WR later in the 2nd round. What do you all think? I know it's LT a super stud, however he stewed me a few years ago when I drafted him at #3, that's the year he didn't play a whole game because of injury. I thank you in advance
  12. WDIS

    I think that just a possible rumor, Thompson was reported working with the first team all week in practice while A-train has been inactive most of the season. I figured at 1-4 maybe I could fine that one week wonder or one of those undrafted running backs that shine when they get their chance. Thanks, I think will just start DD and hope for the best.
  13. WDIS

    Life without Deuce......4th straight year my first rounder sticks it up or bites the dust. D.Davis - @Seattle - Houston sticks, however he is their only playmaker, Seattle run D has improved however they still give up passing yards to RB's. Tyson Thompson - NYG - Showed some good skills last week, home game, first player from local area to play on the Dallas.....could he be fired up. The other running back I'm starting is J.Bettis I'm 1-4 and a win would be nice. I thank you in advance
  14. Trade Offer

    I have been offered the follow trades. I'm 1-2 and thinking of changings things up, my scoring system and current team are below in my signture. 1st Offer Shockey for Gonzo 2nd Offer Fragile Fred Taylor for Kevin Jones 3rd Offer Domanick Davis for Kevin Jones 4th Offer A. Brooks, M.Muhammed for T.Green, C.Rogers One more thing the other team is in my division which I have to play him twice.