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  1. Brees return impact

    Will be a lot more passing I would think...especially trying to keep up with the Chiefs. Might be a shootout this weekend...but this has to be a total upgrade for Kamara. Not sure what Hill was thinking taking out the league's leading RB...they were very lucky only losing 1 game during that stretch.
  2. What do you need tonight?

    If anyone has Chris Boswell, PK PITT in their lineup...just be aware he is now doubtful for today because of a hip injury. Think they are bringing in their practice squad kicker...Matthew Wright.
  3. Battle of the tanks

    Definitely some odd ball...
  4. Kids pay 1/2 of their day care

    You only pay $450 a month for 2 kids in childcare and you are complaining? I've been forking out $1400 a month over in Paradise for about a year now for 2 kids...why I had to get the f'k out...
  5. Dateline NBC

    Looks like they are about to go after identity thieves...
  6. We are all Africans.

    You are now free to dance...
  7. Any boat owners in the house?

    BOAT = Break Out Another Thousand
  8. Have any of you had your wife go cookoo?

    She needs to have her Thyroid checked...
  9. Mystery Huddler pics...

    I've still got everything in my email files, but since I will be joining a new bass club closer to 'home' now I am turning over the old site to the rightful owners...
  10. Mystery Huddler pics...

    I am soom to be relinquishing the website where I have all the Mystery Huddler pics stored from 2005, 2006, and 2007...so if anybody wants any pics from there you got about a week or two to copy them...
  11. Garbage disposals.

    No problem...take a small part of that cash and send it to the Polksalet family...sounds like they need all the help they can get right now...
  12. *** Official Everwars Thread ***

    Why did the FBG ditch all his stuff in protest?...
  13. I bet this was a fun ride

    What's with the lips?
  14. HealthCare

    Funny, my boss last night said the same thing. Said healthcare in Canada is great if you just have a cold or something minor, but if you need a hip replacement or anything major you might as well go buy a saw...and those cost $80 at the local Ace hardware.
  15. Garbage disposals.

    The reset button works wonders...of course you have to hit it a couple of times before it does anything.