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  1. Late Late Round Sleepers

    Parris Campbell...once again. If only he could make it past the 1st game of every season. He always looks fantastic in training camp and pre-season.
  2. Bengals vs Rams (Superbowl)

    Along the same lines as a cold front advisory for anything under 70 in Texas...have to break out the hoodie and winter flip-flops.
  3. Bengals vs Rams (Superbowl)

    3 other teams and millions of fans have already overlooked Cincinnati these past 3 weekends...on any given Sunday.
  4. I'm not seeing any updates, refreshes...
  5. Get ready for no Dak this weekend.

    Vikings fans, what's the deal with Kirk Cousins...can he not throw down the field anymore? Or was this just the game plan by the coach? You got Theilen, Jefferson, and Conklin...seems like you could throw it down the field a bit instead of just dumping it off to the nearest receiver 5 yards deep in the back field. That worked a bit once or twice during the first part of the game, but the 10 times they tried it in the 2nd half, not so much.
  6. Ethical to not play DST?

    Just don't ever play a defense that might get you negative points...easy as can be.
  7. Ethical to not play DST?

    'Hell hath no fury like that of a FF woman scorned'...bench that defense and you'll never hear the end of it.
  8. YahhooFF waiver blocking question

    He did start it off with Yahoo...so what'd you expect? Crap is free...
  9. The Race to 1,000,000 honoree

  10. Waddle = Ruggs?

    1. Harris 2. Pitts 3. Chase
  11. Waddle = Ruggs?

    I love what Waddle did in college but he just looks like Henry Ruggs to me, who didn't translate very well to the NFL last season. Granted, Tua has history with him but still, Tua struggled mightily last season and I believe you need an elite QB, that can get the ball in his vicinity down field, for him to truly thrive. I have the 7th pick in my dynasty rookie draft, so thinking it will probably come down to him, or perhaps Javonte at RB. If that happens I'd definitely take Javonte, but there are a bunch of RB hoarders in this league, so I don't think Williams will be an option there.
  12. Waddle = Ruggs?

    Waddle went at 1.04 in my dynasty draft, and at 1.07 I got Smith...so guess it worked out okay, we'll see.
  13. Waddle = Ruggs?

  14. Waddle = Ruggs?

    Well, thankfully...almost to a tee every other team in my dynasty league uses FBG for info, and they are talking Waddle up like the 2nd coming of Jesus, so maybe someone will swallow that and take him before Williams or Smith.
  15. Waddle = Ruggs?

    Yes, quite a few trades actually...trying to move down to 1.02 right now as I really want Chase, need a WR, but he wants several farms for that pick so probably not going to happen.
  16. Waddle = Ruggs?

    I think there's a big drop-off after those 7, and again, I like Waddle but just don't like where he landed...I'd take any one of the other 6 in that spot without hesitation.
  17. Waddle = Ruggs?

    Most of the drafts I've seen have some combination for the 1 thru 7 picks of Harris, Chase, Pitts, Etienne, Williams, Smith and Waddle...so if you have the 7th pick and only Waddle is left of those, who would you take instead (based on PPR with 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, etc...)?
  18. Waddle = Ruggs?

    I need someone to either walk me to the fence, or take me off of it...that doesn't help.
  19. 2021 Draft Chat

    Henry Ruggs all over again...unless he falls to a team with an elite QB, pretty much a wasted talent.
  20. Brees return impact

    Will be a lot more passing I would think...especially trying to keep up with the Chiefs. Might be a shootout this weekend...but this has to be a total upgrade for Kamara. Not sure what Hill was thinking taking out the league's leading RB...they were very lucky only losing 1 game during that stretch.
  21. What do you need tonight?

    If anyone has Chris Boswell, PK PITT in their lineup...just be aware he is now doubtful for today because of a hip injury. Think they are bringing in their practice squad kicker...Matthew Wright.
  22. Battle of the tanks

    Definitely some odd ball...
  23. Kids pay 1/2 of their day care

    You only pay $450 a month for 2 kids in childcare and you are complaining? I've been forking out $1400 a month over in Paradise for about a year now for 2 kids...why I had to get the f'k out...
  24. Dateline NBC

    Looks like they are about to go after identity thieves...
  25. We are all Africans.

    You are now free to dance...