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  1. pet friggin peeves!

    bad morning so im ranting...these are my peeves 1. people that do not use turn signal 2. people that do not wash their hands after crappin or pissin 3. people that will not pick up their phone when they owe you money 4. people that use those wireless headsets with their cellphones 5. people that speed up to get in front of you and then drive under the speed limit i have more and will be adding more.... please add to the list!!
  2. anna who?
  3. PS3 or Xbox360?

    plus u get the blu-ray
  4. guy sitting next to me

    the guy that sits next to me at work just a call yesterday from his lawyer. was told to come pick up a check for 1mil due to the aol/time warner shareholder lawsuit. i need one of those.......
  5. Man vs Wild vs Survivorman

    man v wild was in the outback last episode. anyone that eats spiders and drinks his own piss can stay in a motel every once in awhile.
  6. Baseball question...
  7. Baseball question...

    an offensive line helps
  8. guy sitting next to me

    my line of work allows you to be long or short large amounts of shares without too much risk. granted you can be very risky if you choose.
  9. UAW vs. Japan

    thats alot of cash....i'd do it for less
  10. Thinking of building a deck

    what the deck!! not another one!!
  11. Baseball question...

    or the pitcher is fast and this is how you take care of the catcher
  12. Baseball question...

    you think its hard up in the booth to do it. imagine how hard it is sitting in the batters box 60ft away. hmmm......should i swing, not swing, or f'ing duck!!! and thats all in .000004 of a second. hardest thing to do in sports is hit a major league pitcher.
  13. Baseball question...

    the circle change usually breaks down and to the right with a right handed pitcher and vice versa with a lefty. a straight change will do just that. remember these guys have monitors and speed radars up in the booth too.
  14. Baseball question...

    the movement of the pitch and the position of the arm tell all.
  15. not soon enough!

    bravo rod!! you finally did something right!!
  16. UAW vs. Japan

    regardless of who designed them....the reality is the days of getting 30 bucks an hour to tighten a bolt are over.
  17. UAW vs. Japan

    the unions still think they should be paid for these crappy cars
  18. looting

    the floods in england have brought this to my attention once again. why do some humans, when given the chance, resort to primal and criminal behavior? it seems whenever there is a situation where lawlessness occurs, looting accompanies it. it happened after katrina. why cant these people have the decency and self control to act like responsible human beings?
  19. Vic Nicknames or Slogans if he plays again

    he better not play for a team whose mascot is an animal ever again.
  20. On-line Dating sites?

    one word of advice......dont use your huddle name on the site
  21. whats the rational behind that?
  22. is it true that your credit score goes down the more times you request a score?
  23. So, what should I wear to meet dmd?

    i'd cut the dreadlocks
  24. Treated lumber

    spraying works better if the decks is already down....gets places roller or brush cant reach. plus i read somewhere to use a tinted sealer instead of a clear one.