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  1. A. Green for B. Llyod?

    put it up!!!! this smith guy gonna be bad bad bad for lloyd
  2. im holdin onto him too.... tried to trade him today for l johnson...guy has staley....said no
  3. WDIS

    start 3 wr's....other 2 starters are harrison and jurevicius
  4. m harrison....

    anyone else take harrison as their number one wr and disgusted by his performance? do ya trade him? cant bench him cause always capable of exploding... thoughts....
  5. Alltime fantasy team

    qb...manning 04 rb...sweetness rb...b sanders wr...moss wr...harrison wr...owens te...bavaro k...elam d...85 bears
  6. Trade Help

    i would do get a stud wr and a starting rb.. for a studdish rb and a worthless wr..
  7. Let's huddle up...

    Where are ya from? orig. chicago now in detroit burbs What beer do you like? all kinds...bud my main one Favorite NFL team? was the bears, thought i could root for the lions, but holy shucks they blow How many leagues are you in? 2 What do you do? self employed
  8. WDI P/U

    thoughts on this situation.... p/u holcomb and start....i have culpepper and griese or p/u joe playing against hasselnuts and have so-so wr's(harrison, lloyd, R williams, mason) thanks
  9. WDI P/U

    or p/u both?
  10. Drop A.Lelie

    same problem....and i keep startin lelie fearing that weekend i bench him, he catches a 90 yd bomb...
  11. who to start?

    2 rb starting s alexander as my #1...who do i start as my #2? cadillac, parker, dunn, m anderson... thanks
  12. trade offer....

    was offer bledsoe and pittman...for m.anderson i have culpepper and griese...alexander, cadillac, parker, dunn, m anderson, c perry take it?
  13. trade talk....

    need thoughts and opinions.... have alexander, cadillac, parker, dunn, b jacobs and c perry for rb's...would u trade parker for some help at wr or qb? i have culsucker, dilfer, griese and harrison, r williams, lelie, mason, and lloyd.. 10 team league, start 1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 1def, 1k should be 2-0 except for a dismal week one, but got to pick up parker thanks for the input
  14. starting dilemma....parker or cadillac trade question....would you trade culfliper now or wait? if do trade, what would u settle for...i have dilfer and griese too? thanks for the input
  15. starting dilemma and trade question....

    my other starter is s alexander...i got to pick up parker after my huge first week.... :doah: