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  1. My Year Has Been Made!

    your beatles?? your votes in any of the greatest rock band polls has been voided.
  2. UAW vs. Japan

    this would crush this
  3. UAW vs. Japan

    parents had a taurus wagon in the early 90s.....had to get new tires every 5000 miles due to bad alignment. when we brought it in to the dealer, they said it met their 'quality standards' and we were basically sol. bought toyotas ever since. proud owner of a 07 4runner.
  4. UAW vs. Japan

  5. UAW vs. Japan

    i dont think they are. one of the reasons that toyota wont build a plant in MI.
  6. Another chat about health care costs

    2 months ago while in the er gettin some iv's due to a case of the jamaican sh!ts, i experienced this. there were 2 drug addicts coming down from a night of using. one was a white woman, the othe a black male. i was right around the corner from them and overheard their countless arguments and shoiting matched towards one another. the hospital had to have a security guard stand there just for them. the nurses and doctors knew these 2 by name and it was obvious this wasnt their 1st time in the er. the docs were very frustrated with the pair because of countless trips to break up a fight or shouting match. on one trip to break up an argument, the attending looked at me and said, "this is why you will be paying 2k for those iv bags."
  7. Another chat about health care costs

    im self employed and insured, this wouldnt cripple me. do they have any insurance?
  8. UAW vs. Japan

    unions have killed the us auto industry
  9. my bro and myself have travelled to many countries in europe and s. america for business. the united states is hands down THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE IN THE WORLD.
  10. Taxes and the War

    we could tax dog fighting
  11. Taxes and the War

    michael vick?
  12. 29

  13. 29

    duchess jack
  14. 29

  15. Best foreign rock band.

    oasis, police
  16. We are all Africans.

    hankering? get back to yo roots!!!!
  17. Skylive5 busted [with mug shot]

    the real reason the DNR cops carry guns
  18. We are all Africans.

    domino motha frucka!!!
  19. We are all Africans.

    i all of a sudden feel very lazy
  20. We are all Africans.

    i thought that was because of the moops?
  21. People going to jail

  22. Another parent of the year candidate

    sadly we will never run out of candidates for this