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  1. microsoft vista

    sucks donkey balls
  2. What's more annoying?

    people that still write checks at the grocery store
  3. People in Jail

    vick will be taken out like the garbage he is
  4. Vick Indicted

    crumpler is crumbling
  5. Leading Republican candidate for POTUS?

    i would even go and vote against her
  6. feds can hear you......
  7. feds can hear you......

    they can still hear you.......
  8. Leading Republican candidate for POTUS?

    <dan rather> al bore has won florida! <dan rather>
  9. Bears Homers

    i think they had a feeling that briggs wasnt going to sign when they cut tank.
  10. son went fishing last night with my BIL

    keep us posted....but dont do anything stupid
  11. chicago huddlers

    or next time we make the chicago spainorama in illinois and not iowa!!
  12. chicago huddlers

    here are some links.......
  13. chicago huddlers

    i'd listen to gil and stay dt and take the el up. that way you are alot closer to everything else. if u still want the names of the hotels up in wrigley i can get them.
  14. chicago huddlers

    im a few blocks from wrigley so i will try to help ya out. 1st off, there are a few hotels up around here, but not sure how nice they are. i will get you the addresses to them. park the car and keep it parked. the cta is very good and the city is very easy to get around. walking in the summer is great if u can do it. if you were staying the weekend, the air & water show is the 18th and 19th. great show! then there are the museums, aquarium, planetarium, boat tours on the river and lake too. not sure what you enjoy, but there is something for everyone.
  15. free laptop?

    anyone try this.....heard about it on the radio last night, think you have to 'fulfill' some crap before u get it.
  16. Today is the day..

    im not seeing anything about briggs in the local newspaper websites......
  17. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    one thing i realized when selling my place, dont let it get personal. its a biz transaction and just make the best decision financially. if u have to pay a little to sell it, may be the thing to do.
  18. hot muslim women

    actually mideastern women can be smokin......ask the detroit boyz
  19. Rat Stew and Rat dishes

  20. The e-surance cartoon chick

    hubba hubba
  21. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    a colonoscopy wouldve been a better analogy with the sewer problems and all........
  22. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    propose a split of the costs. i still think your agent shouldve been there!!
  23. Where did you propose?

    beach......then we had to sprint to get inside when a monster t-storm rolled in.....foreshadowing
  24. Great Parenting!