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  1. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    this is like a big game of jenga....the buyer pulled the piece, let him suck on it.
  2. feds can hear you......

    fair and balanced
  3. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    plus, see if they can tell if its a problem due to fatigue. if so, you may be out of luck.
  4. feds can hear you......

    i thought the same thing, but i think that the gps function may still work even if the phone is off. i guess taking the battery out removes the power source, thus no gps.
  5. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    if anyone is responsible, its the buyers' agent. complete the sale and sue the agent and his broker for the amount it cost you.
  6. feds can hear you......

    you finally get it.....they were right with that tenure.
  7. free laptop?

    i stopped putting in info when i read that you would have to fulfill 10 of those offers.....the words, you may have to purchase something did it.
  8. Happy 30th Birthday to peepinmofo!

    one step closer to viagra
  9. dow 14000

    dow closed 13860 +285
  10. the incredible hound
  11. the incredible hound

    lol........thats my fruckin bone!!!
  12. fat tax
  13. Friday Jokes

    ghost movie parody
  14. who wants a parking spot geezus.....they run between 30k-40k here in chicago.
  15. fat tax

    this guy agrees......
  16. Flooded Highway Near Detroit

    that city needs a good cleaning
  17. if you had One Nuke.......

    you are only there to serve us!!! get me a beer beyatch!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. What's that stench?

    dont buy it.....sounds like a major headache coming down the pipeline
  19. if you had One Nuke.......

    the blue half
  20. War on Terror Not Working...

    and this is mind blowing as well......
  21. What would you do?

    i have many times at work and seem to have the uncanny ability to give it all right back!!
  22. What size monitor do you have

  23. if you had One Nuke.......