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  1. NFL Schedules

    care to share??
  2. For You Married Folks Only

    unfortunately +1
  3. interesting article.....maybe they need to write some 'bluff' books
  4. dog won't quit whizzin in floor

    u have to get rid of that damn floor!
  5. What Housing Bubble?

    thats what were seeing here too. its seems like people are too stubborn to drop the prices so the house stays on the market for a long time.
  6. What Housing Bubble?

    i would think in lansing, if you were close enought to the campus, you could rent your place to students if it didnt sell.
  7. What Housing Bubble?

    this out this morning........ market was down over a hundo today.
  8. What Housing Bubble?

    i flew to detroit last friday to meet up with my wife at the in-laws. waiting for the southwest flight, i overheard 4 people talking about how they now work in chicago and cant sell their places in detroit. so they commute on the weekends. i had to do that for only a month, thankfully we sold within a few months.
  9. i am sticky

    its going to be a balmy 95 today here in chicago......
  10. circuit city combo menu add a ps3 to it??
  11. WalMart Oil Change

    there isnt a walmart that close to me so rarely go. but if i know what i need, cust service means nothing. i just want the best price. imho
  12. sony cuts price of PS3

    that leads to another question about plasmas.....still watching a tube here, would i notice a difference between the 1080 and 720?
  13. sony cuts price of PS3

    i read that it doesn't upscale DVDs to HD resolution. is that bad?
  14. WalMart Oil Change

    i change my own oil in a walmart parking lot over a storm drain.
  15. sony cuts price of PS3

    really....good info. i was reading some reviews and they mentioned that as a con.
  16. sony cuts price of PS3

    i read somewhere that the systems cpu is too loud to be a good dvd player........
  17. Interesting work issue

    he needs to capitalize proper names too!!
  18. WalMart Oil Change

    walmart offers discounts, not cust service
  19. So I hear...

    the day after the accident i held a press conference to apologize to all my friends and family. i then admitted myself into rehab and confessed of my addiction to alcohol. i apologized again.
  20. So I hear...

    cliaz is actually correct. back in college i got into an accident after a night of drinking. leaving the lot of the bar, i took a turn too fast and a little too sharp and hit a parked car pretty good. unfortunately the owner of the car was nearby and saw it all. nice guy though, didnt call the cops, we just exchanged info and thought that was it. being a little frazzled, went back into the bar with my friends and had another drink. about 30 minutes later, cops come into the joint and have me paged over the intercom. somehow they caught wind of the accident and ran my plates. they took me outside, did the whole sobriety test thing, i failed miserably. spent the night in the can for dui. lawyer ended up getting it reduced to a reckless driving due to the fact that i drank after driving and getting into the accident. thus the breathalizer's results were not valid.
  21. Anybody watching this Live Earth Concert?

    i cut down a few trees today
  22. My Year Has Been Made!