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  1. Kid sucked into drainage pipe in wading pool

    i think it was a wading pool. ive read about this happening before in wading pools and hot tubs.
  2. Fencing Company - Is this Normal?

    when and IF they complete the job......wait 2 months to give them the rest of their money
  3. Who works commission only?

    live well below your means cause you never know when tough times will come. in my biz, after 2001, saw many cars, boats and homes for sale due to living the high life. everyone thought the good times would be there forever.
  4. Kid sucked into drainage pipe in wading pool

    they found her small intestine in the drain.....ugh
  5. Fireworks

    thankfully didnt go.......
  6. Opinions on Jerry Porter

    as a porter owner.....someone gimme a little hope!!!!!!!!!
  8. My 4th of July Roadtrip to Chicago!

    i woke up this morning and there was this god awful stench encompassing the city. smells like the south.
  9. Drano :

    did you read the bottle? drano works by burning a hole in your pipe allowing the water to drain. problem solved.
  10. OK....I'll start it........

    have a happy and safe one fellas!!! please salute these 2 as well on your way out. Happy 4th
  11. simple question

    lol....i know. i was asking if cowboys was with the ?
  12. simple question

    is he
  13. Another lame law that most reaturants break

    hey det, is nc the same as sc in that bars use the airline bottles for booze? i was shocked when i saw that a few years ago. i guess it makes it harder for a tender to steal from the joint.
  14. U.S. Fears Terror Spectacular Planned

    does this imply that the al-fruckos were doing things in iraq before the war, thus making our 'flawed intel' credible or this Megan Fox is full of sh!t
  15. cbs improvements........

    we shall see if its any better. hell, i just want my scores to update in a timely manner!
  16. U.S. Fears Terror Spectacular Planned

    the terrorists dont want us scared, they want us dead.
  17. Incomeptence Magnet

    they wouldve been painted with lead paint and you get some free poisonous fish with your order too.
  18. Incomeptence Magnet

    verizon/ups v keggerz in a cage match to the death.....
  19. Attention Chicagoland Huddlers

    warenville?!?!? well that f'ing blows
  20. Incomeptence Magnet

    walmart should have some
  21. Attention Chicagoland Huddlers

    where is the event and when?
  22. How to have fun in Amsterdam

    its kinda your in a zoo almost
  23. Transformers!

    they are all gm cars. they shouldve made the bad guys foreign cars.
  24. I iknew it!

    cliaz' friends list has used up all the memory on the board