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  1. FF Advice

    U got Questions? I got Answers. and No..im not Hated-By-Many...that seems to be the rumor going around.
  2. FF Advice

    sorry guys I've been out all day...but I guess Tono helped me out a little...thanks tono..nice stuff.
  3. FF Advice

    Go with Brady for QB...I think he'll be able to do good against Buffalo...I mean come on Sage Rosenfels just picked apart their secondary last week! Go with Tomlinson and Caddy Johnson, Harrison, and Smith..wow nice receivers. stick with witten for TE...I think he'll be a safe start vs KC this week.
  4. FF Advice

    Warner...I know the matchup favors Hass but its gonna be all Alexander the whole game. Plus Warners hot right now. Evans..no moulds..and NE secondary is a peice of Sh!t. Scaife...I wuldn't take anybody on the Ravens offense right now...plus Scaife has the matchup.
  5. Team Defense WDIS?

    Seattle...They looked pretty impressive monday.
  6. for the last god darnn time...I am not HATED BY MANY!
  7. Can D. Foster repeat last week?

  8. WDIS

    Both Johnson's I think the Raiders are starting Tuiasasopo (spelling error probably)...and I think that hurts Jordans value...the Jets will be all over him.
  9. Which 2 WRs?

    Driver and Kennison... It will be all about Shaun Alexander vs SF...don't expect much from Engram.
  10. Which WR?

    Boldin all day every day.
  11. Lamont Jordan or L Johnson

    Start LJ without a doubt...Tiki just ran for a buck 15 on em...and LJ just torched the #1 rush D in the league..expect big things from him.
  12. Free Advice

    Wow is this guy serious? what a joke. and Rew sorry for all the posts in your thread...you give great advice..but the people on this site have to go bringing people that have nothing to do with your thread into it. Don't ask me why...
  13. Free Advice

    pretty good man...these "Vets" here think were the same person hahaha
  14. Free Advice

    Hah...now your accusing me of being hated-by-many?..
  15. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE!

    hah...the phins are actually MY TEAM....so I decided to actually put a player from my team on there. Btw..u seriously need to take a break from this message board..I think you might be overloading the server with all the posts you've had just TODAY.
  16. Free Advice

    Yep..I got served up on an Internet Message Board! I feel pretty terrible now. :doah:
  17. Free Advice

    Funny... but not as funny as your IDP thread that no one even looks at.
  18. Free Advice

    : Don't bring my name into this... I already don't like you as it is.
  19. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE!

    Jones Johnson LT
  20. WDIS at DEF

    Denver....The Ravens are absolutely awful on offense and bolller should toss a few INTS.
  21. One Lucky SOB

    Haha...sounds pretty lucky... Congrats tho
  22. I need Akers to go CRAZY!

    I'm down 16 with akers left... 3 per FG and 6 if they are 50+... 1 per XP.. think i can get 16?.. ya..I don't think so either.
  23. I need Akers to go CRAZY!

    ya tell me about it....i was pissing my pants when I first saw his team...his wr's were Krob, B.Edwards and Housh.. and...well...i'm not laughing now.
  24. Chris Chambers..

    Will he be a big force like that going into these last few games? If sage starts I say he has a good chance. What do you guys think?