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  1. Does it make sense to trade Chad?

    I just traded him and Heap for K. Jones and D. Mason and am regretting it already. Don't give up him yet and when you do sell him, sell him high.
  2. I need to decide which two RB's to start this week. I want to start Lamont and Dillon but am concerned about Lamonts ability to run agains the Chargers and Dillon sharing time with Morencey. I think C. Brown could have a big game against the jets... Please help!
  3. Trade Help

    I'm hesitant to give up Ahman, my number 2 pick in a 12 team draft for Keenan and Bettis. Aaaaah...what to do!
  4. burleson and roy williams

    WAY out of balance. There is no way Harrison goes for those two busters
  5. WDIS at WR

    I go Joey and Keenan.
  6. Trade Help

    All he has is Stokley or Keenan. Do I give Ahman and Fisher for Keenan and Bettis? I need bye week back and that would be bettis?
  7. Trade Help

    Yeah, I would like to do that but this guy is the only one in my league that REALLY needs a starting RB and has a WR to give up. He lost deuce and needs to fill the hole.
  8. When should you take a zero

    I wouldn't recommend it. Drop burelson and pick up a D.
  9. Trade Help

    I have the opportunity to get TO but have to give up Edge. Here is the situations My Team: RB: Edge, Ahman, S.Davis, and D. Foster WR: Ward, Mason, Lelie, Givens If I give up Edge I run Ahman and Davis or Foster (depending on health) at RB and will have Ward and TO with Either Mason or Givens. It it worth it or do I lose too much at RB?
  10. Carolina Fans please help

    Oct 12 Carolina Panthers RB Stephen Davis (knee) did not practice Wednesday, Oct. 12, and is questionable for the Week 6 game against the Detroit Lions Sunday, Oct. 16. Oct 12 If Carolina Panthers RB DeShaun Foster (knee) is out for the Week 6 game against the Detroit Lions Sunday, Oct. 16, then RB Jamal Robertson could take on a bigger role than expected.
  11. Carolina Fans please help

    I play in Yahoo fantasy and the notes on him say he missed practice today and that D. Foster also missed practice. Both having knee injuries.
  12. Does anyone know if both these guys are hurt and if either is going to play Sunday? I have them both and need to play one of them. Thanks in advance
  13. This trade was just vetoed in my league with no explanation by those that vetoed. The guy who had Deuce was giving TO to a guy who had Branch as his #1 after losing Javon. I think the trade was fair.
  14. Portis, J. Jones, or T. Jones

    I wish I had your problems... I would go Jones and Jones