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  1. Good, I got your attention .... Seriously, please help me pick two RB's to start in my Fantasy Championship: Ronnie Brown, Dolphins vs. Jets on Monday night - returning after a prolonged hand injury; may have something to prove to retain his starting rank over backup Morris. Maurice Jones-Drew - at home against the Patriots; not the best matchup and supposedly he pulled his groin, but the guy has been on fire lately and ranks in the top ten RB's. Marion Barber - at home against a soft Philiadelphia Eagels run defense; may split carries with Jones, but he is clearly the better back of the two and is an end-zone magnet. Scoring: Head-to-Head, Points Based System. RuTD - Rushing TD 6 points RuYd - Rushing Yards 0+ RuYds = 1 point for every 10 RuYds Plus a 5 point bonus @ 100+ RuYd
  2. CBS Sportsline - Playoff Games For This Week Not Set (Yet)

    Oh great! Our commish is in India on vacation for four weeks , with limited email correspondence. Quick! Need a backup plan - any ideas?
  3. Which D to Start for the Super Bowl?

    Oops - you are correct, my bad. Makes them kinda less attractive, mile-high-and-all, right? Althought they must win if they are playoff bound ... Thanks for the clarification. I cannot believe I made it to the final game using Indy D all year long. Pretty amazing feat, if I must say so.
  4. I survived last week due to the Chicago Bears D collapse against Tampa Bay. This week I may not be so lucky cuz my opponent has an even better D - the Ravens. I have the following choices this week: Indy @ Houston - they loooked pretty good on Monday night, so I am leaning toward this (unpopular choice) Cincy vs. Arizona - perhaps the Bengals will atone for their loss on Monday night ... Green Bay vs. Minnesota - this makes me too nervous St. Louis vs. Washington - rated high on the list, but the 'Skins O has been scoring lately, so this one makes me nervous too What is the best D of these three to start this week?
  5. It is Thursday morning now (8 am EST) and our playoff games for this week (Finals) have STILL not been set. Is this normal? We have CBS Sportsline and I can't even send a message to the commissioner to complain due to a drop down box feature being disabled. What a piece of junk their software/web development must be. Is anyone else experiencing this dilemma?
  6. Do I Have a Chance?

    I have a two touchdown lead on my playoff opponent (12 pts). He has one great matchup left - Rudi Johnson @ Indy on MNF. I have two good ones left to play - TJ Housh and Vinateri in the same game. Is this a ? How bad do I have to worry?
  7. WDIS at flex?

    TJ has been more consistent. I am going with TJ.
  8. Help! I have slim pickens at D today against my opponents D who has da Bears. Need to at least make up some points difference here, e.g., > 10 pts would be nice. Here are my three options: Saints D vs. Redskins Raiders D vs. Rams Bengals D @ Indianapolis Bengals have been playing the best D of these three over the last three weeks, but face an angry Colt team in Indy on Monday night. Raiders have potential, but I am leaning toward the Saints. Scoring for Defensive Categories DFR - Defensive/ST Fumble Recovered (ID/DT/DST) 2 points DTD - Total Defensive and Special Teams TD 6 points Int - Interceptions 2 points PA - Points Against, Total Points Scored 0 - 6 PA = 8 points 7 - 13 PA = 6 points 14 - 20 PA = 4 points 21 - 27 PA = 2 points SACK - Sack 1 point STY - Safety 2 points YDS - Yards Allowed 0 - 49 YDSs = 12 points 50 - 99 YDSs = 10 points 100 - 149 YDSs = 8 points 150 - 199 YDSs = 6 points 200 - 249 YDSs = 4 points 250 - 299 YDSs = 2 points
  9. Both are quality starters to choose from. It appears Brady has the better matchup vs. Houston at home. Romo faces weak ATL pass defense with arguably better receivers than NE's. Both have been less-than-stellar the past few weeks. Which one bounces back the most? +6 pts per passing TD +1 pt per +25 yds +5 pts per >= 300 yds
  10. Tatum Bell @Arizona Marion Barber @Atlanta or Sammy Morris @Buffalo 6 pts for touchdown 1 pt per yd 5 pts for 100+ yds
  11. WDIS? Get Defensive!

  12. Help! Kevin Jones appears to be done for this season (and may miss significant time next season as well). Unfortunately, his backup is no longer available. I do have the following choices available to me: Sammy Morris, MIA @ BUF Ron Dayne, HOU @ NE Artose Pinner, MIN vs. NYJ Justin Griffith, ATL vs. DAL Which one to replace Jones, for week 15 (and beyond) .... Scoring: RuTD - Rushing TD 6 points RuYd - Rushing Yards 0+ RuYds = 1 point for every 10 RuYds Plus a 5 point bonus @ 100+ RuYd
  13. Brett Favre, GB @ SF or Philip Rivers, SD vs. DEN Scoring: Head-to-Head, Points Based System. PaTD - Passing TD 6 points PaYd - Passing Yards 0+ PaYds = 1 point for every 25 PaYds Plus a 5 point bonus @ 300+ PaYd
  14. Need one win to get into the playoffs. I feel hesitant about starting Holt against the tough Bears D on Monday night. My other WR choices are: TJ Housh vs. OAK Laveranues Coles vs. BUF Greg Jennings @ SF I am tempted to start both Housh and Coles, but that requires benching Holt, who has been struggling as of late, but had a great game last week. Normally it is crazy to bench your studs, but .... What do you think? Scoring: Head-to-Head, Points Based System. ReTD - Receiving TD 6 points ReYd - Receiving Yards 0+ ReYds = 1 point for every 10 ReYds Plus a 5 point bonus @ 100+ ReYd
  15. Need some help on picking the two best RB's out of this bunch: Kevin Jones, DET vs. MIN Marion Barber, DAL vs. NO Tatum Bell, DEN @SD Maurice Jones-Drew, JAC vs. IND DeAngelo Williams, CAR vs. NYG Note: Normally I would start KJ without much hesitation but he plays Chicago run-stopping D this week. Thanks! Scoring is Head-to-Head, Points Based System. 6 pts for TD's and 0+ RuYds = 1 point for every 10 RuYds Plus a 5 point bonus @ 100+ RuYd, same with ReYds