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  1. Heading to Buffalo next week

    Do not go to Anchor Bar. It is a tourist trap and terrible. Duff's is much better. Best wings on earth.
  2. WR Trouble

    thanks everyone.
  3. WR Trouble

    I need to start 2 out of Moulds, Toomer, Burleson, Coles, Sammie Parker, and Mark Clayton. I know, they all stink. But it's all I have to work with. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. who would you rather have

    please no not post your roster, since it is totally IRRELEVANT for evaluating your question. All he wants to know if who would you rather start at RB on a weekly basis, D. Davis or Priest? I think it is very close, but I would prolly go with Priest.
  5. Trades, trades and more trades

    yeah, definately do #2. it's a no brainer. deal 1 is closer, I would prolly still do it tho for wayne given your RB depth.
  6. Need Quick advice

    bump. cmon, just need a quick answer
  7. Who would you start this week in a 1 RB league?
  8. Keep Westy still?

    I would absolutley not make that trade. Westbrook might be the number 2 overall player in a 1 pt for receptions league.
  9. "Weekly" Defense strategy

    This is a great strategy, one that I would love to employ. However since every transaction is $5 in my league, it becomes a little pricey to do this. I would highly recommend it if your (or anyone's) transaction are free/cheap.
  10. WDIS...Yes I know wrong forum....

    Horn and DJax obviously.
  11. Davis trade.

    I would do this trade in a second. It is a no brainer. The only reason ppl are saying not to do it is because Stephen Davis got lucky and had 3 TD's last week. If CAR randomly didn't have 3 first and goals from the 1, he would have had none, and Stephen Davis would not be considered a good fantasy back. Do it ASAP.
  12. Should I drop Arrington yet?

    ummm, why dont you just drop reggie Williams for Chris Brown? No reason to drop JJ when you can drop Reggie.
  13. The Madness Continues...

    Fitzgerald is a no brainer, the other decision comes down to Plax vs. Coles. In the abstract, I slightly prefer Coles, but given their matchups, I would give Plax the nod.
  14. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    I said before, if Caddy was not available in the 3rd, you could just trade priest (or edge, or moss or whoever you picked first) straight up for him after the draft. Anyone would have made this trade. You lose nothing by waiting to get Caddy in the 3rd. It's pretty simple.
  15. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    Just because he is performing like a first round back doesn't mean you should have drafted him there this year. In fact, I would say only stupid drafters would have drafted him in the first round this year. If you had say the 3rd pick in a 12 team, you could have opened with Priest, got Marvin Harrison in the second, then picked up Caddy in the 3rd. If you went Caddy first, you draft would look something like Caddy, Marvin, Lamont Jordan. Which draft looks better to you? And even if you say well Caddy might not have been there at 3.03, which is a stretch, you could have easily traded Priest for him to whoever drafted him and be left with the same team. Drafting is absolutley NOT about always picking the best player, it's about getting the most out of your draft picks, and drafting Caddy in the first round is not maximizing at all.