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  1. Rudi J. or Willie P.

    Nice backs, six team league? Play Willie, Thomas Jones carved up the Raven with Ray Lewis for 139 yards.
  2. Isaac Bruce

    Probably week 10 after the bye and when Bulger is expected back.
  3. Willie Parker

    You must have started Bettis, huh?
  4. Worst draft ever!

    How'd you win even one game with that team? Forfeit?
  5. than Dante Stallworth? You can't cut him - he's too good (at least on even weeks). I guess you play him on even weeks and hope the pattern continues. 2005 Game Log WK REC Yd TD 1 4 47 0 Played him 2 8 141 0 Didn't play him 3 0 0 0 0 Played him 4 8 129 0 Didn't play him 5 1 6 0 Played him 6 7 83 1 Didn't play him
  6. Trade Advice... should I give up Shaun Alexander?

    How did you get Alexander, Deuce, Chad and Wayne? 4 team league? Pretty much a wash but I guess I'd make the trade unless you're in a TD heavy scoring league.
  7. Rest of season-BJones or A Chapman?

    B. Jones - will now start facing easier defenses. Fischer wants to go vertical. Drop Bryant.
  8. Prove your FF Knowledge

    Good. I'd say that's very positive news for the forum. Thanks Hugh.
  9. Prove your FF Knowledge

    How do you find time to make 28,000 posts, considering you're a brain surgeon and all?
  10. trade advise

    Get a little more bitter - Loser! BTW, I believe the six letter word you were trying to spell is "advice."
  11. Prove your FF Knowledge

    Just a different way to get an answer to WDIS question - Don't be so bitter G&S, it's Friday. Thanks for your valuable input.
  12. Prove your FF Knowledge

    Looks like the consensus is Bruce. Then Bruce it is as Huddlers are never wrong.
  13. Stallworth, M Clayton, or T Glenn

    Clayton is the most consistent.
  14. Prove your FF Knowledge

    Thanks Gentlemen (especially NAUgad). Is anyone impressed with Stallworth's 144 yards against NY or scared off by what Jax's defense (vs Coles) did against the Colts?
  15. Prove your FF Knowledge

    Who should I start at WR (pick one) and why? I think it's a coin flip. L. Coles vs Jax D. Stallworth at Minn I. Bruce vs. Tenn