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  1. Free Fantasy Advice

    ok I'll answer my own bcuz Hated is M.I.A. Holcomb has the best matchup and upside that's who i am goin with
  2. Free Fantasy Advice

    Waz up Hated..... QB- I am wondering if U think Garrard is worth startin this week.....??? B.Johnson is on my bench And here's who is on the WW..... Plummer Brooks McNair Leftwich CaRR Boller Simms Holcomb Bollinger Harrington What do U think??
  3. Free Fantasy Advice

    WR/RB help need a little help fillin my flex spot WDIS Arrington vs Texans Wells vs Cards D-Jax vs Titans L.Evans vs Broncos ????
  4. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 14 - Playoff Edition

    Hugh....what u say bud?? QB.... Garrard vs S.F. B.Johnson vs Steelers 3rd RB ? Arrington or Wells Thanks
  5. RB help

    But this is playoffs and do what U got to do.... So which 1...?? yes they R playing each other.......
  6. Anyone else on the Garrard wagon?

    hasselback had HUGE day vs the 49ers in my lg 47+
  7. Anyone else on the Garrard wagon?

    exactly...and Indy's D is no joke....
  8. Anyone else on the Garrard wagon?

    I have Brad Johnson and Jake Plummer and I grabbed Garrard. 1) to keep him off any of the other 7 teams in the playoffs. 2) HE'S PLAYING AGAINST SAN FRAN !!!
  9. FF Advice

    yeah I see your point...but I was lookin at how Mr.FitzHarvard threw 5 INT's vs the Vikes....and Philly no matter which O shows up always has a SOLID defense. ty 4 the advice
  10. FF Advice

    Need a good D for first rd of playoffs. I am in 5th so need all help I can get..... Seattle @ Tenn or Philly @ St Louis I'm thinkin Philly.......
  11. FF Advice..

    what site would that be???
  12. FF Advice..

    OK with that answer U need to go back to the other sites that U "worked" for.....using your own words.
  13. ok fix this crap

    nah went with JJ least i know he's gettin the ball......too many other receivers on Raiders, thaT are not whining babies like Moss
  14. ok fix this crap

    Flex position Arrington or Randy Moss
  15. FF Advice..

    RB slim pickins here Gordon Houston or Arrington