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  1. Manning or Brees?

    This one has me laughing my a$$ off, stategery...
  2. Hey HughOne

    He must've been reading this thread today. After reading it, I'm noticing that mistake everywhere.
  3. C.Palmer or J. Plummer

    Palmer all the way
  4. WDIS Brooks or Warner

    Brooks...Minn is just bad, real bad
  5. I ended up dropping Engram for him. I figured, I have enough WR3s and even though Pittman isn't doing squat right now, I'd hate to just give him to the Cadillac owner. Future trade bait...
  6. S.Davis

    Did anyone hear about the severity of this neck injury?? I heard he practiced today but is still listed as questionable,
  7. WDIS Wr Help

    I like Lelie as well. Stats show he's getting passed to (he's just needs to start catching the ball) and you gotta think Plummer will be looking his way in the red zone with the improved KC run def.
  8. WDIS @ WR/Flex ?

    Touch choice...IMO W.Parker is a solid start The other...flip a coin between Boldin and Clayton
  9. Venting

    Did the same thing, at the #2 pick I went LT, R.Johnson, Holt
  10. WDIS WR and RB?

    I'm sorry but I'd say flip a coin with that RB situation. I don't see much upside with any of them... Engram and Curits.... Stl is gonna have a field day on the Tenn secondary.
  11. Bye Week #2 RB...WDIS

    I agree, plus the much improved Ind rush def...
  12. Flex help

    I'd say forget about Benson. You gotta think that even if C.Martin gets the start will he lose substantial carries to Blaylock. So by default I'd say Branch, unless the injury situation with C.Martin gets remarkably better.
  13. Chris Perry is available on my league's WW and given his output in the 1st 2 weeks I'm thinking of handcuffing R.Johnson... My team's in my sig line. Who would you drop, if any, to get this guy? opinions appreciated... edit to add - I don't get points per reception
  14. Free Agent WR

    What about dropping Bal D to get him?
  15. Davis trade.

    Forget about the TDs, S. Davis still put down 77 yards against a good NE front 7. If he stays healthy he'll continue to put points up. Plus the matchups this weekend favor Davis.