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  1. Help w/ #2 WR

    D.Jax will be limited, go with Rod
  2. WDIS at Flex

    Any Love??
  3. Who to Start

    I like Brown against that Jets D, then Dunn Check out my post
  4. R. Bush or Gore?

    I like Gore, gotta go with the guy who's getting all the carries. Bush will be splitting carries
  5. WDIS at Flex

    This is in the 8 tm league, i'm starting C. Taylor & LT w/ my 2 RB's and I need a flex. I'm leaning towards Jones b/c it seems like he will get the carries against a bad GB Def. The options are shakey at best. Performance League: 1pt/10 yds rush/recieving 6pts/TD
  6. RB Quandry

    The more I think about it Bell may be a better choice, the weather is gonna be shatty in Orchard Park so there will be enough carries to go around for Denver. That game Moats had last week against a solid NY Giants D is tempting though.....
  7. PHILLY RB's

    Sounds like Reid is gonna split the carries between the 3 RB's, thats not good
  8. TE Roulette

    Thats a tough one, i would go with Troupe if he plays. If not take a chance on Fletcher and hope he snags a TD
  9. RB Quandry

    I'm in the semi's and i need to pick one of these guys to go with LJ. Moats has the great match-up but he's pretty unproven and who knows what Shanny will do this week, but still Bell has a great match-up too. I'm leaning towards Moats, high risk, high reward. My fantasy season hinges on it. Team: Palmer Moats LJ TJ Hous Wayne Heap Jax D Bench: Houston T. Bell D. Rhodes Horn D Jax Seahawks Standard Scoring 10yds/pt rushing & rec, 6pts for TD
  10. gotta go with S. Davis at least he'll get the rock down near the endzone, who knows if Barber will even get the majority of touches this week, the Tuna is unpredictable with this RB situation.
  11. WDIS @ RB

    anyone else?
  12. WDIS - RB (Fisher or L. Johnson)

    I'd go with LJ too
  13. Time to start the Caddy?

    Gotta go with TJ, he is the Bears offense. I don't think Gruden will leave Caddy in once this one gets outta hand.
  14. WDIS @ RB

    I've been picking the wrong backs every week so i'm sure if I bench Bell this week he'll blow up. I like the Monday night stage, but something happened to J. Lew in prison.
  15. Bledsoe or Favre

    I have the same exact problem this week but i'm going with the hot hand in Favre. There will be NO running game in G.B. the rest of the year which leaves it up to Favre. Bledsoe has looked shakey the last two weeks. P.S i'm also 3-4 due to faulty managing so i know how you feel.