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  1. Your 2005 FF MVP?

    Samkon Gado in the 12th round ... bwahahahah...anyway. My fantasy MVP had to be Tiki ... he got it done in the first week of the playoffs while the rest of my average at best team took a nap.
  2. Can I win this thing?

    Well bro I guess you got your wish; he got 12 in our scoring format. Congrats!
  3. Can I win this thing?

    No doubt. Worse part was seeing Favre get sacked twice and then picked in the last 20 seconds! DOH! I am down 21 with Givens and NE D tomorrow night ... hey, crazier things have happened. What a way to end the season. Plus, in an interesting (at least to me) tidbit, the guy I'm playing has NE D himself in our other league, and is behind by 20. So who the heck does he root for NOW?!?! Hehehehehhe.....
  4. Can I win this thing?

    Opp has Chicago D left and is up by 16 I have: D. Givens, T. Jones, NE D, and N. Vasher Scoring is pretty standard (.5 for a catch, 1 pt per 20 yards, 6 for TD for Offense skill guys; D gets points for turnovers and keeping points off the board, IDP gets .5 per tackle, 3 per sack or INT) DO I HAVE A SHOT AT ALL THE BLING!?!?!?
  5. Just can't do it...

    YEs, and U am starting Moulds over Wayne...no Colts for me this week. Could be famous last words...?
  6. No way I would sit Shaun or Larry Johnson; I guess that leaves Rudi ... man I don't know if I could sit him either, but Rudi has had more "stinker" games than SA or LJ. Not to say that he will vs. the Bills, but I would have a tough time picking him over the other two.
  7. Super Bowl Roster

    Myself, I'd go with Pinner ASSUMING Kevin Jones doesn't get in there. Most guaranteed touches out of all your guys.
  8. I am a believer in starting a RB in Flex

    In this instance I would go with Keenan over Wells/DD.
  9. Sort of last minute IDP Help...

    A. Thomas, Tatupu. Do. Edwards, Z. Thomas ... you name it, they're probably available; hey, thanks again, and good luck in your Super Bowl too.
  10. WDIS WR

  11. Reggie Wayne or Ricky Williams?

    Ricky; Wayne may not even play the whole game and even if he does he won't see more touches than Ricky.
  12. Sort of last minute IDP Help...

    P.S. I go against Palmer and Housh in the Super Bowl, so I gotta hate on you. Heheh...
  13. Sort of last minute IDP Help...

    I have Osi and Vasher (got me 7 last week, which in our league, is good for IDPs) as my IDPs in my messed up league. You can start 1 DL -OR- LB and 1 DB. Tackles are .5, Pass Def are 2, Sacks/INTs are 3, and TDs are 6. Anyone else I should look for based on this info? Thanks for your help.
  14. Considering sitting Wayne for Moulds?

    DO you think Givens is a better play than Wayne?