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  1. need advice I'm in Super Bowl

    I' still struggling with the Green or Collins decision myself and haven't made up my mind yet. As for receivers I'd go Horn, Kennison and Smith in that order.
  2. who would you start?

    I've got both and I'm leaning toward Rubi this week. Jimmy Smith is in a good spot. Weak D and when Leftwich is in there Smith usually has a good game. Rod Smith does have some upside going against the poor Tenn. D
  3. Championship game advice.

    Anything Else?
  4. Super Bowl WDIS

    Westbrook(loss of TO should up his numbers) and Rod Smith(Tenn D stinks)
  5. Best site for leagues?

    I've used Fanball the past few years. They are great. Customizable for just about anything and the price is better than CBS.
  6. Girl w/a lot to Prove!

    Brees Martin and Taylor Lelie, Walker and Moulds
  7. 1 point per 10 yards rushing/receiving. 6 points per TD. I'm great at RB but questioning who to start. Lary Johnson vs KC Rudi Johnson vs NYG Domanick Davis vs JAC Edgerrin James vs SD Kevin Jones vs CHI I'm leaning towards Johnson and Johnson because of the matchups. Receiver is where I'm weak. Must start 2. Jimmy Smith vs HOU Eric Moulds vs SF Michael Clayton vs CAR Larry Fitzgerald vs SEA Andre Johnson vs JAC I'm definitely going with Jimmy Smith and leaning towards Moulds but I'm open to any of the others. For giggles: QB's 1 pt per 20yds throwing 3 pts per throwing TD. I have D McNabb and Billy Volek. With the lose of TO and Volek's hot streak I'm leaning towrd Volek but McNabb could get some rushing yards and TD's. Thanks for the advice.