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  1. Wide receicer help.


    Lions Marvin Jones vs Cleveland


    Vikes Stephon Diggs vs Washington


    Washingtons CBs giving up an average of only 13 fantasy points per game to outside receivers. 

  2. Which WR? Fitz or Driver?

    Anyone else?
  3. Which WR should I go with today? Driver at Niners Fitz vs Seattle
  4. A difficult decision here but I'm up against the top seed in my conference and need max production. Who would you go with? Addai at Jags KJ vs Vikings
  5. Which QB gives me the best shot at winning? Favre at Niners Kitna vs Vikes Leinart vs Seattle
  6. Which 3 WR's?

    Which 3 give me the best chance to win? Driver at Niners S. Smith vs Giants R. Wayne at Jags L. Fitzgerald vs Seattle
  7. Which QB (Pick 1) Favre at Niners Kitna vs Vikes Leinart vs Seattle Which RB (Pick 1) Addai at Jags KJ vs Vikes Which WR? (Pick 3) S. Smith vs Giants D. Driver at Niners R. Wayne at Jags M. Colston at Dallas L. Fitz vs Seattle Thanks for the help.
  8. Addai

    I benched him for Ronnie B luckily I'm winning my game.
  9. Which RB should I go with? J. Addai vs Eagles R. Brown at Lions
  10. WDIS

    Go with AJ for sure.
  11. WDIS in a BIG matchup

    I also think Driver is very risky. I think Seattle will light it up against GB and Branch will be very productive.
  12. Which QB?

    Which QB would you go with in a must win game? Harrington at Lions Kitna vs Fins Leinart at Vikes Team I'm playing has Roy Williams so not sure if it makes sense to start Kitna to wash any points Roy might get. Need some advice. Thanks.
  13. WDIS?

    I can start 3 WR's so I'm going with S. Smith and M. Colston now I need to decide on my #3. I'm a bit worried about Wayne against Dallas. Anyone think I should give Fitzgerald a shot? Fitzgerald vs Lions Wayne at Dallas Thanks for the help
  14. WDIS?