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  1. RB and WR help needed

  2. Wide Receiver Options

    Cannot believe Glenn is available in any league. I would pick him up and start him.
  3. RB and WR help needed

    anyone else
  4. RB and WR help needed

    Need a win. As you can see these guys all put up big yards but touchdowns don't come often. Thanks for your help! RB - start 2 Barber vs Cowboys Taylor @ Bears McGahee vs Chargers Green vs Jets WR - start 2 Boldin @ Rams Johnson @ Raiders Coles @ GB Berrian vs Vikings Edwards vs KC
  5. WR Help

    Boldin is a must because he is a STUD Toomer because he is hot and the Giants will need him down field to try and catch up again Housh because he will be open and catch a score and 60+
  6. who do i start?

    1. Taylor - over 100 total yards and hopefully a TD 2. Maroney - better than T.Bell
  7. WDIS QB

  8. WDIS QB

    I can pick up Culpepper off the waver wire and I think he will have his first big week against the Titans. Brady is playing a tough defense, especially against the pass. The Pats have also been running the ball more than normal. Do I take a chance with a QB that could put up huge numbers or play a QB that should get average points.
  9. Defense

    Who would you start?
  10. Trade advise

    Based on last week, LT and MV are much better than LJ and AB. This week will tell all for LJ I think. He needs to come up big against denver and based on the spread, no one in Vegas thinks he will.
  11. Did I go too far?

    See how Culpepper does this week. The way Bledsoe was throwing TO may not be as valuable as Chambers. I would try to go after another RB when you decide which to keep
  12. J. Lewis or Gore

    Go with Gore. I think Lewis may be limited due to the injury. That Raiders D may not be able to stop him with the injury, but Gore should have another good week rushing + receving.
  13. QB question

    Rumor has it McCown is a risky start. My gut says he is going to have a big game, but I am not going to start him. Green looks like a good option and I could team him up with LJohnson and try to grab 6 points for each TD KC gets??? McNair is coming off a big game and Ten should be throwing alot. The huddle projects McNair will get two scores. Green vs SD McNair @ Mia Thanks and Good Luck
  14. Darrell Jackson a game time decision. Late game!

    With a very tough decision I would try to match up against your opponent. Who else is on your roster and who does the other guy have?
  15. Big decision for Semi's

    I do lose points for INT's and Fumbles but not sacks. Thanks for the info guys. I still have time to decide on QB, and I am having trouble doing so..but the rest of my lineup looks good to go. GOOD LUCK to all those still alive.